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At CI Talks, we understand the vital role that educational institutions play in shaping our future. That's why we've created a platform specifically designed to empower schools and universities to raise funds, amplify their voices, and make a difference like never before.
With CI Talks, the power to create meaningful impact is at your fingertips.
Unleash the Power of Fundraising with CI Talks
Empowering Schools and Universities to Make a Difference
Effortless Campaign Setup
Say goodbye to complex setup processes. CI Talks offers an intuitive platform that allows time-strapped educators, parents, and students to quickly set up fundraising campaigns. Spend less time on logistics and more time focusing on what truly matters.
Streamlined Donation Process
Make donating a breeze for your supporters. With CI Talks, our user-friendly interface and secure donation pages ensure that the giving process is simple and seamless. Offer a variety of popular payment options to cater to all donors' preferences.
Community Engagement Made Easy
Foster a sense of community and belonging. CI Talks enables you to effortlessly engage with your supporters by sending thank-you notes, updates, and other communications. Keep your donors informed and involved every step of the way.
Sustainable Fundraising Solutions
Keep the momentum going with recurring donations. CI Talks makes it simple to set up and manage recurring donations, ensuring a steady stream of funds for your school or university. Reduce administrative burden while maximizing fundraising potential.
Customized Fundraising Pages
Showcase your school's unique identity and mission. CI Talks allows you to create stunning donation pages that resonate with your audience. Tell your school's story in a compelling and visually captivating way.
Amplify Your Impact
Reach new heights with CI Talks. Our platform provides the tools and resources you need to amplify your impact and raise awareness for causes that matter most to your school or university. Expand your reach and inspire action like never before.
Secure Donation Management
Rest easy knowing that your funds are safe and protected. CI Talks offers state-of-the-art donation management features, including encryption and PCI compliance, to ensure the security of your donors' data and your organization's reputation.
Real-Time Campaign Insights
Stay informed and empowered with real-time campaign insights. CI Talks provides a full-featured dashboard that gives you valuable data and analytics to track your fundraising progress and optimize your efforts for maximum impact.
Educational Resources and Support
Turn fundraising into a learning opportunity. CI Talks serves as an educational tool and resource, offering guidance and support to help students gain real-world experience while raising awareness around your school's values.
Join a Vibrant Community
Become part of a community dedicated to driving positive change. With CI Talks, you'll join a network of schools and universities committed to making a difference in the world. Collaborate, share ideas, and inspire one another to create lasting impact.
Empower Your Fundraising Efforts with CI Talks
Unlock the Power of Seamless Fundraising with CI Talks' Key Software Features.
User-Friendly Interface
Mobile-Responsive Platform
Affordable Fundraising solutions
Make fundraising effortless and intuitive. CI Talks provides a user-friendly interface that allows schools and universities to focus on their mission. With code-free features and intuitive dashboards, unleash the full potential of your fundraising efforts.
A Trusted Partner for Schools and Universities
Secure Campaign Pages
Transparent Pricing
Effortless Sign-Up Process
Extensive Functionality
No Contracts
Diverse Social Impact Areas
Proven Impact Measurement
Strategic Partnerships
Differentiated Platform
Commitment to Diversity and Inclusivity
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Promote your campaign across your network and beyond. Share your page on social media, email newsletters, and other channels to engage your community. Watch as donations pour in and see the impact grow. With CI Talks, fundraising has never been easier or more effective.
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