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You have the power to choose the voices that resonate with you the most! Vote now for your favorites and help determine the top 10 silver finalists and 3 Voice for Change gold winners. Your Voice Matters.

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Elevate Your Voice For Change!

Miss Universe

Join The Movement

Welcome to Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change, where passion meets purpose! In an inspiring collaboration between Mouawad and Cl Talks, alongside the Miss Universe Competition, delegates from around the globe unite to drive positive

Miss Universe

Be Their Voice

Each delegate crafts a powerful video or up to 3-minutes, championing a cause close to their heart. It's more than a competition; it's a call for action, an invitation to transform the world, and a celebration of intelligence, integrity, and culture.

Miss Universe

Make an Impact

Be part of this global movement, where beauty isn't just skin deep. Together, we ignite change, amplify voices, and become ambassadors for the causes we believe in. The 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change - it's not just a contest; it's the path to a better world.

Aligning with a brighter future

Contest Brighter Future

Miss Universe

Global Goals

Global Goals: The Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change videos are aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are a universal call to action, a blueprint for a better world by.

Miss Universe

Your Impact

By voting, you're not just supporting your favorite delegate; you're endorsing progress towards a world free from poverty, a planet protected, and peace and prosperity for all. Join us in achieving these ambitious goals one vote at a time.

Voice For Change

Make Your Vote Count!

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Your Voice Matters!

Seize The Moment

The power to create change is in your hands! Now is the time to cast your votes for the Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change videos that touch your heart and inspire your.

Shape The Future

Your votes will help determine the top 10 silver finalists and the 3 Voice for Change gold winners. Be part of this incredible journey towards a brighter, more compassionate

Act Now To Vote

Don't wait; be the change you wish to see. Your voice can turn a video into a movement.

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