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A Video-on-Demand Platform for Sustainable Development

From sustainable fashion to architectural design, vertical farming to social impact technologies that are driving positive change in various sectors, sustainable development has become a source of exciting innovation and investment opportunity. Sustainability is changing the way we do business and the way we live our lives but this exciting journey is only just beginning.

CI Talks is a communications platform for companies, consumer brands, organizations and change makers to showcase and tell the world about their sustainability initiatives, innovations and brand stories. Videos on CI Talks reach a receptive audience who talk, write and inquire about them. We are a catalyst that forges collaborations and partnerships. Our function is to spark positive change!


Who is CI Talks For?

CI Talks is a sustainable development video on demand platform for the sustainable development community; video creators (purpose-driven brands, organizations and influencers), social entrepreneurs, social impact investors, journalists, and change makers.

Who is CI Talks For

✓ Purpose-driven brands

✓ Social Enterprises

✓ Nonprofits & the 3rd Sector

✓ Change makers & Innovators

✓ Social Entrepreneurs

✓ Impact Filmmakers

✓ Celebrities & Influencers

✓ Journalists

✓ Universities & Schools

✓ You!


Impact Categories

Taking inspiration from the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, videos on CI Talks are categorized under broad but relevant headings. Each featured category hosts videos that have been curated to address wide ranging subtopics and critical issues and to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and your own life.

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CI Talks functions as a communications platform for the sustainable development community. We host, promote and distribute videos created by purpose-driven companies, consumer brands and organizations to showcase their corporate sustainability initiatives or social impact projects.



Create videos that start conversations and spark positive change in people, communities and the world.

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Publish videos on CI Talks and engage audiences with your sustainability initiatives and brand storytelling.

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Discover the brands & innovators who are driving positive change and shaping our future.

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Video Contributors & Partners

We don't just publish and promote videos on CI Talks, we also showcase the stakeholders involved in producing each campaign; the video hosts, the Contributors (who finance the video productions) and the Partners (who add value in other ways to each campaign).

A Catalyst Created to Spark Positive Change.

Empowering Inclusive Dialogue and Democracy
Mouawad - Creating Jewelry of Unsurpassed Beauty | CI Talks
TPN Global - Voice for Change - CI Talks

Video Host Profiles

Meet community and business leaders, thought leaders, celebrities and influencers who present the videos, sharing their wisdom and unique stories to open minds, inspire and catalyze our audience to take action and grow.

United in Purpose, Champions of Change.

Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat (Nalin)

Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat (Nalin)


Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat (Nalin) represents Prachuap Khiri Khan in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.

Krongthong Chantarasompoch (Krongthong)

Krongthong Chantarasompoch (Krongthong)

Climate Change & Sustainability Consultant Team, Model

Krongthong Chantarasompoch (Krongthong) represents Phitsanulok in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.

Kanteera Techaphattanakul (Namphung)

Kanteera Techaphattanakul (Namphung)

Medical Technologist

Kanteera Techaphattanakul (Namphung) represents Chiang Mai in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.

Kanittha Tambunlertchai

Kanittha Tambunlertchai

Associate Professor, Chulalongkorn University

Dr. Kanittha Tambunlertchai is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. An expert in environmental economics and developments, Kanittha is an alumni of both Harvard and Cambridge universities.

Articles & Insights

Check out Articles and Insights on CI Talks to access our sustainable development blog, video transcripts, press releases and more. Be inspired by the sustainability news, articles and insights that are shaping our future and making the world better.