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Find cinematic, biographical video talks presented by celebrities And experts that deliver entertainment, tips and educational nourishment.

Bank Choreo

Bank Choreo

Bank Bhuwakul

Coming Soon



Natalie Glebova

Coming Soon

Mew Suppasit Interview

Mew Suppasit Interview

Mew Suppasit

His Inside Story

Manee Mejai

Manee Mejai

Manee Mejai

A Career in Photography

Chef Chalee Kader

Chef Chalee Kader

Chef Chalee

Restaurant Business.



DJAY Buddha

Coming soon.

Pan Pan

Pan Pan

Pan Pan

What it means to be a Drag Queen



Mew Suppasit

Becoming a Professional Actor & Artist







Read inspirational quotes from our celebrity and expert video talk hosts.

Without a strong business plan and without a good target through your marketing plans, you will struggle a lot to find a proper identity for yourself and for your brand.
If we’ve done our best and we're happy with the results, it doesn’t matter what others think.
In order to develop new ideas and new concepts, you need to be unique and you have to have your own identity.
If you don't know something, don't be afraid to ask, because it can only better yourself.
Find your relationship with what you love.
This is life, Honey, it's always about learning
Be focused and have a solid, concrete idea backed up with a good business model.
What inspires me the most is the potential CI Talks has to touch the hearts and minds of young people, to help them become a better version of themselves.
Stop comparing yourself to those people who you think are better than you.
Our intention is to reach more and more people, young people, with mind shifting content, that will inspire them to take action and grow.
Your good points as well as your experiences are what makes you unique
Become a better version of yourself. A version that you want to be.



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Watch this space for the launch of our app in the App Store and in Google play with opportunities to interact directly with our celebrities and experts. In the coming months our video library will also be available in an increasing number of channels to view at your own pace on your mobile, tablet, desktop or tv.

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  • June 15, 2021
    How Mew Suppasit Became a Successful Actor & Artist
  • June 13, 2021
    The Script – 3 Million Video Views Inspire Fred & Fahsai to Talk Business
  • June 9, 2021
    3 Million Video Views Inspires International Expansion
  • May 29, 2021
    Transform Yourself with Drag Queen Pangina Heals
  • May 21, 2021
    Overcoming Your Fear of Failure
  • May 17, 2021
    Fred Mouawad & Fahsai Paweensuda Present CI Talks
  • May 17, 2021
    Unintentional & Intentional Cyberbullying
  • April 4, 2021
    CI Talks Launches a Pioneering Movement to Ignite Personal Growth
  • April 4, 2021
    CI Talks Introduces the First in a Series of Motivating Personal Growth Videos


FREquently asked questions

Get Answers to Your Questions About CI Talks.

How much does CI Talks cost?

CI Talks is free. There are no subscription fees to pay. All of our video talks are free to view. 

Why become a member of CI Talks?

If you wish to interact on, you will need to become a member so that you can create a profile and be part of our community.

Types of interaction include commenting, creating play lists, adding media to your list of favorites, liking or disliking content and much more.

What Is CI Talks?

Our goal is to provide content that ignites growth and that content is delivered in the form of cinematic video talks presented by celebrities and hosts.

We give "successful" people a platform where they can share insights and deliver their messages with impact. Their messages are conveyed via cinematic, biographic video sketches which should both entertain and educate.

For our audience, our objective is to be a catalyst for positive change; a change where they can grow and become a better version of themselves, a version that they want to be. In turn they can use this knowledge to create a positive impact on the lives of those around them as well.

How can CI Talks Help Me?

Our focus is on enabling you to “Grow” and we do this by connecting you with celebrities and experts who have all found a path that has lead them to where they are today. During their journey, they have shared many emotions and challenges that you may be faced with and that is why they are in such a unique position to help guide you.

CI Talks gives you the opportunity to learn from success.

Who are CI Talks Hosts (Coaches & Guests)?

CI Talks hand picks celebrities and experts to present video talks on CI Talks. We call them our Coaches. Some Video Talks may also feature Guests; individuals who the Host has invited to appear on their video too.

All of our coaches are either household names nationally or internationally or luminaries within the industries that they operate; business leaders and experts. 

The journey to success is very often not easy. We ask our Coaches to talk about their journey and share their experiences, both the highs and the lows. What was it that made them persevere? How did they overcome the challenges thrown at them? What were they thinking to keep driving forward no matter what?

Where is CI Talks Based?

CI Talks has its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. Each country (or city) contributing media is a CI Talks studio and our network of studios is rapidly expanding.

What Makes CI Talks Different?

You won’t find a “how to” course on CI Talks that teaches you how to code or how to take better photos for example. You will find an ever growing portfolio of online courses that have been designed to inspire you and to help you grow in a modern world of fast-paced change and challenge.

1. Local Celebrities & Experts: Our Instructors are by invitation-only and are handpicked because of the unique journey, catalog of experiences and learnings for you to be inspired by and to grow from.

2. Instructors are by Invitation Only: CI Talks is not open source and does not allow web users to create courses. Becoming an instructor is strictly by invitation only and our content is curated by-hand.

3. We Don’t Teach Hard Skills: If you are looking to learn a specific hard skill (how to use a DSLR camera, learn how to program or paint with acrylics), CI Talks is not for you. On CI Talks, you have access to pre-recorded online classes & courses. “CI Talks Live” offers webinars and we also give you the opportunity to join both online & offline workshops and to attend other in person events throughout the calendar year.

All of our content, online or in-person, is hosted by local celebrities and experts for you to connect with, be inspired by and grow from.

Who Learns with CI Talks?
We invite local celebrities and experts to become instructors on CI Talks; individuals who we know and who can share their story and provide an online learning experience that inspires the younger generation and helps them grow. Our audience comprises college and university students aged between 18 and 25 years old and those who are just beginning their career journey and are aged between 25 and 30 years old
What Will I Get Out Of It?

Our objective is to create and deliver content that open minds, inspires you and helps you grow. CI Talks is a catalyst that you can use to have a positive impact on the lives of those around you.

If you want to learn how to code or any other specific skill, there are many other elearning and online education platforms out there who can help you achieve this.

While CI Talks doesn’t offer training for specific skills, our instructors come from a diversity of backgrounds (digital, entertainment, music, sport and much more). They are on CI Talks to share their story, their journey and the challenges they have encountered and overcome, with you.


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