CI Talks & Mouawad Voice for Change Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Video Contest

Krongthong Chantarasompoch (Krongthong)

Climate Change & Sustainability Consultant Team, Model

Krongthong Chantarasompoch (Krongthong) represents Phitsanulok in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.
Phitsanulok, Thailand
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At a Glance

Height: 175 cm
Age: 26 years
Education: UNESCO scholarship, graduated from University of Utah, USA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.
Occupation: Climate change & Sustainability consultant team, Model

Krong is a Thai woman who, during her teens, grew up overseas. Living in many cultures made me learn to adapt to everything is easy Krongthong graduated and worked in the environment. and sustainability In addition to bringing the knowledge that I have learned to accompany liveable career. Krongthong is committed to her own work that must be done. Contribute to a better society and our world. That's the goal. Set in life "I believe actions speak louder than words" Krongthong always believes that actions speak louder than words. Becoming Miss Universe Thailand will help make Krongthong's voice and actions louder and have a clearer and bigger picture. It depends on what we have always intended to do.


Krongthong used to be a black belt taekwondo athlete. When I was young, I used to compete in many events, winning medals, plaques and awards. I was previously in the national team but under the condition of being an exchange student in France as a student, when having sports activities, they often get to represent in many sports competitions such as table tennis, jogging, basketball, and petanque.

Pride and Honor

Being a Thai girl who is based on studying in a normal public school but trying to develop herself until winning a scholarship from the Unesco organization at the bachelor's degree at USA, used to work with International Rescue Committee (International Rescue and Rescue Committee), the position of Miss Thinthaingam 2019

impressive moment

Krongthong had the opportunity to do a CSR project to eliminate head lice and educate children about hygiene. at Wat Huai Pla Kang Chiang Rai and helped children who are visually impaired, raise funds for surgery Treat the eyes so that the younger ones can see again. that event is what comes to mind Khong has always been happy and happy every time Khong remembers the smile of Nong when he opened the blindfold.

what is your happiness

Working on the environment and sustainability because it is the use of knowledge able to benefit himself and others in society each day Because the environment is equal The breath of all of us on this planet

Leadership What is an ideal leader?

Non Corrupt Leaders - Krongthong thinks Corruption is a problem that directly affects national development. If we have leaders with integrity. have good vision Thinking of doing benefits for the people is really the location. Our country will develop forward. One generation passed on to another like it still stands.

Inspiration Who is the role model for your inspiration?

Khun Ann Chakphong From following Khun Ann all the time, the life story of Khun Ann has inspired Krong to never give up on the hard and impossible. that people need Have a life goal for yourself and trying to find and create opportunities for themselves and what impresses him Khun Ann is the most to be a Thai person. And the only Asian person to be the owner of the copyright of the prestigious Miss Universe stage.

Motivation How can you be a force for a better society?

As a team working as a consultant on Climate change and sustainability. Krongthong has been a driving force for environmental and sustainable development in many projects that Krongthong has been extended, such as the organic vegetable planting project. has helped farmers generate income and careers and enable consumers to have organic vegetables to eat. This project is considered a driving force for society in supporting occupations and create safety for farmers while protecting our ecosystem at the same time

Innovation Is creating valuable new ideas important to beauty pageants?

Very important. Krongthong sees that it must be Really creative from the inside out, for example, when a beauty queen initiates a good project for society and drive society in each area Changing the definition of the word beauty queen The dimension of the beauty queen industry has changed, not just the show stage, just the same beauty as before. Including the little things The beauty queen circle in the country that taught Krong the creation of new strategies, such as Using various social platforms new applications for access The beauty queen and for following the contest to make it more fun and exciting. A new phenomenon was created for the current beauty queen industry.

Teamwork Teamwork will help you become

How did Miss Universe Thailand 2023? Krong has a team that is not just "Idea", but each of our teams has. More than that, it's 'I do'. Everyone does their best every day. and the thing that they throw to each other is "Unity" makes us a strong "Team work" to lead us to the goals that we set together.