CI Talks & Mouawad "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest

Kanteera Techaphattanakul (Namphung)

Medical Technologist

Kanteera Techaphattanakul (Namphung) represents Chiang Mai in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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At A Glance

Height: 172 cm
Age: 22 years old
Education: Chiang Mai University Faculty of Medical Technology
Occupation: Medical technologist

"When we focus, Nothing is impossible.” Namphung is a former stateless person who spent 18 years struggling to get Thai identity which she has now got. Namphung never allowed her statelessness to be a limiting factor and she continued to fight for her right to Thai nationality until she succeeded. Namphung wants her story to be an example to everyone: determination will lead you to success.

Achievements and Honors

- Special award: Second award from USAID from American people in the International Science and Engineering Fair 2019 international youth science project competition
- Participated in an international conference with UNHCR in the #iBelong 2019 campaign.
- The representative attended a meeting with the Asian Migration Research Center at the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University in the 2019 Migrant Assistance Program.
- Young Master Award Creating a reputation for the institution in the National Youth Day Program 2018
- Student representatives participated in the exchange of knowledge between professionals, Asia Pacific Alliance For Health Leaders Forum 2021.
- President of the Student Club of the Faculty of Medical Technology Academic Year 2021
- Chiang Rai Outstanding Women Award 2019
- Chiang Mai University Student Award is very good Academic Year 2022

what is your happiness

Seeing the people that Namphung loves enjoy the success of Namphung. It reflects the Namphung herself who Can be a person who creates happiness and smiles on the faces of the people that honey loves and also inspires people who have come across the stories of Namphung.

what is your happiness

Award date from science project competition It is the day that honey knows that Namphung's efforts in the past were meaningful and that day proved that Namphung herself was able to succeed in her own future despite how many obstacles it had. can't hinder Namphung intention

best lesson in life

Lessons learned from being stateless before who always teaches honey not to give up and if taken as a driving force, it will be found with the success that you have always intended

Leadership | What is an ideal leader?

Leaders are those who can make decisions that are best for the whole and can lead the organization. or the team develops into something better Leaders who manage the organization based on the principles of righteousness and fairness. both to yourself and members

Inspiration | Who is the role model for inspiration?

Mother, the woman who always teaches honey to fight indomitable in the face of obstacles Water, the limitations in life come as a driving force. like your mother Able to raise Namphung to maturity and quality in the midst of limitations that mothers have, that is stateless, mothers can do it, Namphung can do it.

Motivation | How to drive for a better society?

Being a good example for society It's a driving force and it's a force. Inspire people in society to create equality, create an appreciation of the equal value of every life. in order to be able to develop Improve the lives of people in society, from the individual to the larger society.

Innovation | Is creative innovation important to a beauty pageant?

Creativity is a reflection of an evolving society. reflects the potential of people resulting in being able to Developing the beauty pageant to be modern and reach more people as the Division The Miss Universe Thailand contest has brought innovation, creativity, both technology and fashion into the contest. To develop society through the contest and to make the beauty pageant valuable and create development for the society to be up to date with the continuous development.

Teamwork | How can teamwork help Honey to become Miss Universe Thailand 2023?

Namphung sees that the teamwork that makes Namphung become Miss Universe Thailand 2023 consists of 3 parts: the CD team, the pageant team, and the beauty queen team that together create the competition. better contest have mutual understanding and most importantly, have the same goals. Good teamwork is a team with goals. The same thing will make the honey herself to be Miss Universe Thailand because all parties help each other to recommend. and solve any problems that arise until able to bring the Namphung to the target the desired meaning