CI Talks & Mouawad Voice for Change Miss Universe Thailand 2023 Video Contest

Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat (Nalin)


Chatnalin Chotjirawarachat (Nalin) represents Prachuap Khiri Khan in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant. Watch her Voice for Change video entry on CI Talks.
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand
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At a Glance

Height: 178 cm
Age: 25 years
Education: Bachelor's degree Faculty of Communication Arts international college Bangkok University (BUIC)
Occupation: Private business (receiving land filling)

From children from other provinces who were born with the incompetence of their parents but was raised with love, warmth, understanding and The happiness from both of you and the people around you make every problem that comes through life cannot diminish the value of happiness received from everyone one bit.

an event you will never forget UNFORGETTABLE

In 2013, he was involved in a motorcycle accident. was dragged along the road until he passed out. Wounded, internal organs bruised from impact right eye socket fracture Causing almost permanent loss of vision Must become a person so disfigured that he does not want to live in this world anymore In the end, I was able to get past that feeling because of the love from my family and people around me.

The best lessons of life LIFE LESSON

From the accident at that time, the spoiled child became a person who saw the value of love from family and people around him wholeheartedly. because it is impossible to know that When will death take us or those around us?

Nalin's Personal Motto

"Every mistake is a stairway to success"

What is happiness? HAPPINESS

To wake up every day and still have breath, do it for the people around you. still see parents All the family is fine Living life is getting better and better, and Duan Lin can bring stories and experiences as lessons for others to know the value of Ka.

LEADERSHIP The ideal leader

Leaders should be open-minded, listen to others, understand before making decisions. ready to develop self and develop others being liberal, not self-reliant and have humility

MOTIVATION, the driving force for a better society

I want to share my own experience so that people in society see the value of living. know self-love, have self-respect Because when we know how to respect ourselves Have love for yourself. We will be able to give love. sincere hope for others

INSPIRATION, a role model for inspiration

Grandma is both a role model and an inspiration because she is a smart woman who is patient, loving and generous to others with a sincere heart. Grandma is willing to be tired, willing to hurt, and sacrifice for those around her, who sometimes forgets to think about her own happiness.


initiative to create new things Is what makes our world evolve endlessly. The beauty pageant itself used to be one of the creative ideas. When it was first established in the early days, but as the days passed, the beauty pageant eventually became familiar to people. So when the world We followed the era that changed the beauty pageant. It should also adapt to the era as well, such as adjusting the new way of contest to meet the needs of the market (viewers. ) or even other innovations to take part in organizing the contest to make the beauty contest a product of the old world developed in each era to be advanced as well

TEAMWORK Team work with the contest

All work cannot be accomplished by just one person. Nalin's team is a group of people who love, understand, have good intentions and have the same goal. We all share duties, work together, know our own duties. have cooperation Helping and promoting each other. Nalin believes that a small team Powerful and full of determination, this team is shaping Nalin to be able to work systematically. with larger organizations and larger missions because in the end it is Representatives or being beauty queens are a reflection of the good behind-the-scenes team quality as well.