Why Sex Education Is Important

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Watch Why Sex Education is Important with Ticha Kanticha Chumma and find inspiration to spark change. In episode 1, discover how being aware and informed about sex ed can lead to happier relationships and minimize the threat of harrassment, teen pregnancy, STD's and more.

CI Talks Presents Why Sex Education is Important

Can you remember your first sex education class at school? You may have found it funny, or were you embarrassed? Did your school even offer sex ed? At home, did your parents sit you down and give you “The Talk” at any point? What has your experience of sex education been?

Ticha Kanticha Chumma

Meet Thai model and actress Ticha Kanticha Chumma who was born in Thailand but spent many of her school years in Sweden, graduating with an international baccalaureate from there. The Swedish school that Ticha attended taught sex education bit by bit from primary school to secondary. So when Ticha was a teenager she didn't find the subject at all embarrassing.

Back in Thailand, she describes herself as being “more broadminded” thanks to her Swedish school’s proactive approach to sex education.

Why is Sex Ed Important

Ticha became aware and informed about sexuality and passionate about the subject. The lessons she attended taught her how important it was to respect your body and have the ability to say “yes” or “no” with confidence. The lessons helped her to develop happier relationships and accept diversity in all its forms. She also learned how to be safe and protect herself.

In this, the first episode of the CI Talks Sex education video series, Ticha gives you 5 reasons why sex-ed is important. When we are aware and informed, we know how to:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Understand Yourself & Other People
  3. Respect Our Bodies
  4. Embrace Diversity, and
  5. Be a more Moral Person

Watch the CI Talks Sex Education video series to learn more. Find inspiration and prepare to spark change with Ticha Kanticha Chumma and Dr. Thanyanan Kangvalpornroj.