Why Go Vegan

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Why go vegan? Jajah Napaphatsorn launched her brand "Veganerie" in Bangkok when she was 20 years old in 2016 and within 2 years was operating 6 branches, an online vegan store and collagen brand. Find inspiration from a young entrepreneur who is making vegan Thai food chic.

Jajah Napaphatsorn Totienchai is a passionate entrepreneur who believes in veganism. Her strong determination to be the pioneer of vegan food in Thailand inspired her to drop out of medical school and pursue her passion for vegan Thai food whilst educating her brethren about the vegan concept and benefits within. Jajah is on a mission to educate and expose Thais to veganism so that the concept of “Going Vegan” becomes a viable option for the majority.

In her “Why Go Vegan” video, Jajah shares insights about veganism, her background as a former vegetarian, her professional life as an entrepreneur in the Thailand vegan food industry, and the reasons why she adopted the vegan lifestyle.

Jajah is the founder of “Veganerie”; a vegan lifestyle brand in Bangkok. The Veganerie chain (now also available as a franchise), serves a vegan Thai food menu, complete with smoothies, coffee, and bakery. Within the Veganerie brand is also “Veganerie World”, an online vegan shop where consumers can browse, order and receive an ever expanding range of vegan food and products. “Freddie Plant Collagen” is Jajah’s own brand of vegan collagen.

In 2020, Jajah was invited to host vegan cooking tutorials for hospitality professionals in Oman. She has been interviewed by Forbes Magazine Thailand who quizzed her about the vegan business perspective in Thailand. Veg World Magazine, a world leader on vegan lifestyle perspectives, also ran a feature on Jajah Napaphatsorn Totienchai.

Going vegan is much more than refraining yourself from consuming animal products. To live sustainably as a vegan requires knowledge, understanding, patience and discipline. Last but not least, you will eventually need a vegan mindset and to clearly define the motivations and your answers to “why go vegan”.

In her video talk, Jajah Napaphatsorn Totienchai gives you 5 ways that may help you transition over to veganism:

  1. Become Vegan Slowly, Ease Yourself into a Vegan Diet
  2. Know Your Reason
  3. Dare to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  4. Myths and Misconceptions About Veganism
  5. Change Starts With You

Jajah’s vegan lifestyle business goes beyond merely generating profit. Veganerie is her brand and a vehicle that she is using to reach both Thais and visitors to Thailand, and to show that vegan food can be delicious and nutritious. By spreading the word and educating people about the benefits of veganism; health, sustainability and the environment.