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Join Natasha Purviance (Tasha) as she passionately advocates for global well-being and tackles health inequalities in her impactful Miss Universe Thailand 2023 'Voice for Change' video, inspiring us all to create a healthier, united future.

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In her poignant video submission for the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, Natasha Purviance (Tasha), representing the province of Trang, passionately addresses the global challenge of health inequalities. With deep conviction, Tasha emphasizes the importance of promoting universal well-being and accessible healthcare for all, citing both local and international disparities. Through her heartfelt words, she urges viewers to unite for healthier communities, amplifying the transformative power of collective action.


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Natasha Purviance's Inspirational Stand for Health Equity: A 'Voice for Change' Submission


In her captivating entry for the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, proudly sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, Natasha Purviance (Tasha) brings her advocacy to the forefront. Representing the province of Trang in the prestigious Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant, Tasha addresses the critical issue of health inequalities, aligning her message with Sustainable Development Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being.

Empowering Health for All:

Tasha's video resonates with the core principle that health is indeed wealth, transcending geographical boundaries. As she passionately articulates, the essence of well-being encompasses not only physical health but also mental vitality. Through her words, Tasha underscores the importance of accessible and affordable healthcare, an essential component of Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Highlighting Preventable Diseases and Disparities:

With unwavering conviction, Tasha draws attention to the alarming prevalence of preventable diseases worldwide. She spotlights the unfortunate reality that many nations, including those with ample resources, grapple with health inequalities. This aligns with the aim of Sustainable Development Goal 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, regardless of their background or location.

Advocacy for Equitable Access:

Tasha's advocacy for equitable access to healthcare reflects her commitment to the core values of the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 "Voice for Change" contest. She passionately calls for collective efforts to bridge the gap between those who have ready access to quality care and those who face barriers, fostering the very essence of unity that Sustainable Development Goal 3 stands for.

Unveiling Health Inequalities:

Tasha speaks candidly about the disparities in healthcare access and quality, shedding light on the detrimental impact of financial limitations and systemic bias. She boldly addresses the sobering reality that, even in affluent nations, individuals may struggle with healthcare costs or face discrimination in medical settings—a compelling plea for change consistent with the aims of Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Rising Together Amidst a Pandemic:

The video reaches its pinnacle when Tasha speaks of the collective resilience witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring the interdependence of individuals in safeguarding public health. With this, she seamlessly embodies the spirit of Sustainable Development Goal 3, which seeks to promote well-being through shared responsibility and conscious action.

The Call for Empowerment and Change:

Tasha's impassioned appeal transcends the screen, urging viewers to become active advocates for their own health and well-being. She encourages them to lead by example, sharing the importance of nourishing habits, exercise, and mental wellness—essentially embodying the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 3 in their daily lives.

Seeking Knowledge, Fostering Equity:

Through her heartfelt video, Tasha also underscores the importance of knowledge as a powerful tool for fostering well-being. By seeking accurate information and dispelling myths, individuals can make informed choices, thereby contributing to the shared vision of Sustainable Development Goal 3.

Championing Health Equity:

With resounding passion, Tasha concludes her video by inviting viewers to join her in the mission to create healthier communities. Her advocacy aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 "Voice for Change" contest, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, which seeks to amplify voices that advocate for sustainable development and social impact, making her video a testament to the transformative power of collective action for a healthier world.

In Natasha Purviance's compelling video submission, the synergy between her advocacy and the principles of Sustainable Development Goal 3 resonates strongly, echoing the contest's mission and inspiring viewers to become active agents of change in the pursuit of global well-being.