Redefining Beauty Standards for Women

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Social media is hurting the self esteem of young women today. Frederika Cull, a beauty queen, model and actress from Indonesia, presents "Redefining Beauty Standards - Body Image and Social Media" with tips for those struggling with body image based on real life experience.

Frederika Cull was 19 when she entered the Putri Indonesia Beauty Pageant in 2019 and won the title. In the same year she also represented Indonesia in Miss Universe and was ranked within the top 10 contestants. The cameras and lights of Indonesia trained their focus on her and with that came social media exposure and comments from endless strangers on bits and pieces of her body that they judged to be imperfect.

Often the criticisms that Frederika was reading about her body were the very things that she perceived to be imperfect way before she became a beauty queen. What social media did was to amplify her self doubt and rock her self esteem.

Body image issues among many young women and, more to the point, young women around the world who regularly use social media and get locked into a cycle of comparing themselves to role models and peers that they encounter in cyberspace. To exasperate this still further, social media has provided these young women with a plethora of social media apps that they can use to edit their own image and manipulate it to become more aligned with their own ideal.

Body image and social media has become a serious issue and one that inspired Frederika Cull to produce her video talk for CI Talks titled "Redefining Beauty Standards for Women - Body Image and Social Media". Her video is for anyone struggling with body image and you will get tips from her on how to embrace body image positivity as well as Frederika’s vision for redefining beauty standards for women.