R'Bonney Gabriel: Force for Good

Join R'Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe 2022, in a transformative journey through Thailand as she uses her voice, fashion, and a stunning 'Force for Good' Crown to inspire change, advocate for sustainability, and prove that small changes can create a major force for good in our world.

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Experience R'Bonney Gabriel's enchanting Mouawad shoot in Thailand, where she dons exquisite jewelry and her iconic 'Force for Good' Crown, all while embodying the spirit of positive change and social impact. Discover how this Miss Universe 2022 is turning small individual changes into a major force for good in our world.


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Crafting the Extraordinary

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R'Bonney Gabriel's "Force for Good" Video with Mouawad: A Voice for Change and Social Impact

In a world that hungers for positive transformation, one individual dares to stand as a beacon of hope and a force for good. R'Bonney Gabriel, the 71st Miss Universe, crowned in 2022, hailing from Houston, Texas, is more than just a titleholder; she is a Fashion Designer and a Sustainable Fashion Advocate. Her unwavering belief in the power of small individual changes to ignite major forces of change has set her on a remarkable journey, and her latest video, shot with Mouawad in the breathtaking backdrop of Thailand, epitomizes her commitment to making a difference.

An Unwavering Commitment to a Force for Good

"I'm R'Bonney Gabriel, Miss Universe, and I am a Force for Good." These are not just words, but a pledge to bring about positive change and progress. Her dedication to being a force for good is not a passing phase; it's a lifelong mission.

A Jewelry Shoot with a Profound Message

R'Bonney Gabriel's collaboration with Mouawad in Thailand is more than just a photo shoot. It's an opportunity to amplify her message and use her platform to inspire change. During this photo session, she dons three distinct jewelry collections by Mouawad, alongside her own signature "Force for Good" Crown.

The Force for Good Crown: A Symbol of Collective Effort

The "Force for Good" Crown is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a work of art that speaks volumes. Its rippling wave motifs symbolize the momentum of change, a testament to the belief that change is a collective effort. As R'Bonney Gabriel beautifully puts it, "Change is made through individuals working towards a collective effort." The Force for Good Crown embodies the spirit of individuals coming together for a greater cause.

A Passion for the Ocean and Sustainability

R'Bonney Gabriel's love for the ocean is deep-rooted, and it's mirrored in her choice of sapphire as the crown's color. The ocean represents not only her affinity for the sea but also her commitment to keeping it clean and preserving its beauty. In a world that faces environmental challenges, R'Bonney serves as a steadfast advocate for sustainability, using her voice and influence to create a cleaner, greener future.

An Honorable First

Being the first Miss Universe to wear the "Force for Good" Crown is an immense honor, and R'Bonney Gabriel is leaving no stone unturned in her quest to live up to its motto. She has dedicated her reign to making a lasting impact on the world, and her work, both as a fashion designer and a sustainable fashion advocate, speaks volumes about her commitment to being a force for good.

A Dream Come True in Thailand

As the video shoot wraps up in the bustling heart of Bangkok, Thailand, it's evident that this collaboration has been a dream come true for R'Bonney Gabriel and the entire team. Amidst the hard work and stunning jewelry sets, the true beauty lies in the message they are sending—a message of hope, change, and progress.

R'Bonney Gabriel's "Force for Good" video with Mouawad is more than just a showcase of exquisite jewelry; it's a testament to the power of one person's voice for change and their ability to inspire social impact. In a world that yearns for positive transformation, R'Bonney Gabriel stands as a beacon, a testament to the fact that small individual changes can indeed create a major force for good.