Pai Chananchida Sukmee MUT-23 Ang Thong

Pai Chananchida Sukmee shines a spotlight on waste management in Ang Thong, Thailand.

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In her impactful video submission for the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, Pai Chananchida Sukmee, the dedicated representative of Ang Thong, shines a spotlight on the pressing issue of waste management. With heartfelt determination, Pai draws attention to the dire consequences of unchecked waste accumulation in her province. Through her advocacy, she urges collaborative efforts among governmental and non-governmental bodies to find lasting solutions to the waste crisis. Pai's powerful message resonates beyond her community, inspiring a call for environmental consciousness and a sustainable future for all.


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In the heart of Miss Universe Thailand 2023, a remarkable contender steps forward to address a pressing issue that affects us all: good health and well-being. Pai Chananchida Sukmee, representing Ang Thong, takes a stand for a sustainable future in her poignant video submission for the "Voice for Change" contest sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad.

With a mission fueled by compassion and determination, Pai delves into the heart of a growing concern—our struggle for good health and well-being amidst a mounting waste crisis. The video spotlights Ang Thong's battle with a relentless adversary: the looming garbage dump that has silently plagued the community for years. This accumulation of waste not only impacts the landscape but also infiltrates our very life source—the rivers—claiming the lives of aquatic creatures and spreading insidious pollution.

In a society where well-being should be a birthright, Pai poses a critical question: Why is it so challenging to ensure good health in our world today? The answer, she proposes, lies in our collective responsibility to tackle environmental issues that encroach on our wellness. Pai brings attention to the hazardous repercussions of unchecked waste disposal, leading to air pollution that compromises even the simplest act—breathing.

Guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 3—Good Health & Well-being—Pai champions a transformative vision. She urges collaboration among governmental and non-governmental entities, emphasizing the need for a sustainable, long-term solution to the waste predicament. Pai's advocacy transcends individual gain, echoing a resounding call for communal harmony and a thriving future.

The path to change is paved with conscious choices, and Pai extends an empowering message to all. She rallies for a reduction in the consumption of hard-to-degrade materials, chiefly plastics, which are at the epicenter of this crisis. Her mission resonates beyond her community, challenging each citizen to rethink their habits and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Pai's heartfelt appeal is a catalyst for change, inspiring a ripple effect that resonates with both the youth and adults of her region. She envisages a future where waste awareness is ingrained from a tender age, forging a generation of environmentally conscious individuals. Her dedication to igniting conversations and actions reflects a genuine commitment to well-being—where progress is measured not in isolation but by the collective strides of a society united by a common cause.

In the tapestry of Miss Universe Thailand 2023, Pai Chananchida Sukmee's "Voice for Change" video is a beacon of hope, illuminating a path towards a healthier and harmonious tomorrow. Through her impassioned advocacy, she affirms that the journey to well-being begins with conscious choices, relentless advocacy, and a shared determination to preserve our planet for generations to come.