Namphung Kanteera Techaphattanakul MUT-23 Chiang Mai

Join Namphung Kanteera Techaphattanakul on an inspiring journey of triumph over limitations, as she shares her powerful story of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of dreams in the 'Voice for Change' Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest.

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Embark on a heartening odyssey alongside Namphung Kanteera Techaphattanakul, proudly representing Chiang Mai in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 beauty pageant, as she submits her compelling entry to the "Voice for Change" video contest. With unwavering determination, Namphung's video, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, illuminates her triumphant journey towards Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities, offering a stirring testament to her resilience, achievements, and the boundless power of transformation.


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Unveiling Potential: A Journey of Resilience and Empowerment


Witness the remarkable story of Namphung Kanteera Techaphattanakul, an aspiring beauty queen hailing from Chiang Mai, as she takes the stage in the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest. In partnership with CI Talks and Mouawad, Namphung's submission encapsulates her unwavering commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. Through her inspirational narrative, she sheds light on the transformative power of determination and the quest for a brighter future.

Defying Limitations:

Namphung's journey unfolds against a backdrop of adversity. Deprived of opportunities, she recounts how she couldn't pursue her dreams, study her desired subjects, or choose her own path. Despite these challenges, her indomitable spirit shines through as she refuses to surrender to circumstance.

Fighting for Education and Opportunity:

Namphung's tale is one of relentless perseverance. She recounts her resolute pursuit of education and the fight for a chance at a better life. Every obstacle became a stepping stone, propelling her closer to her dreams. Through her experiences, she highlights the significance of Sustainable Development Goal 8, emphasizing the importance of access to quality education and equitable economic growth.

The Triumph of Thai Nationality:

Namphung's determination reaches a climactic point with her attainment of Thai nationality. This pivotal milestone marks a turning point in her journey, enabling her to fully contribute to her beloved country as a proud Thai citizen. Her joy and pride radiate as she reflects on the newfound opportunities that have opened up for her.

Dreams Unveiled: Exploring Thailand and Higher Education:

With her aspirations set high, Namphung reveals her dreams of traveling across Thailand and pursuing higher education through scholarship examinations. The significance of her transformation from a stateless individual to a Thai citizen cannot be overstated, showcasing the profound impact of Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities.

A Message to the World: Empowering Stateless Individuals:

Namphung's powerful message resonates with hope and empowerment. Addressing stateless individuals worldwide, she offers a message of unwavering support, encouraging them to persevere and continue their fight. Her story stands as proof of the immense potential that stateless individuals possess and the transformative change that they can bring to society.

Championing Equality and Inclusivity:

In a heartfelt plea to those with influence, Namphung underscores the importance of equal opportunities for all, irrespective of their background. Her conviction in creating a world where limitations do not define one's potential serves as a rallying cry for inclusivity, echoing the essence of both Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 10.


Namphung Kanteera Techaphattanakul's captivating submission to the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, offers a compelling narrative of resilience, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of dreams. Through her inspiring journey, she exemplifies the transformative impact of determination and equal opportunities, leaving an indelible mark on the path toward a more equitable and prosperous world.