Miss Universe Zimbabwe Voice for Change 2023

Join Brooke Bruk-Jackson, Miss Universe Zimbabwe, on a transformative mission to break financial barriers, empower women-led businesses, and champion UN Sustainable Development Goals—unleashing a wave of positive change!

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Brooke Bruk-Jackson, Miss Universe Zimbabwe, advocates for financial inclusion in the informal sector, primarily supporting women-led businesses. Her impactful journey aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to bridge gaps and empower communities through partnerships and ongoing initiatives.


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Empowering Women in Zimbabwe: Miss Universe Zimbabwe's Impactful Journey for Financial Inclusion

Greetings Universe! Join me, Brooke Bruk-Jackson, Miss Universe Zimbabwe, on a transformative journey toward financial inclusion and empowerment. In a nation where the informal sector thrives, with 65% being women, the need for formal financial platforms is crucial. I am honored to present my official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, in collaboration with Mouawad and CI Talks.

Financial Inclusion: Bridging Gaps for Sustainable Change

Unlocking Opportunities for Women-Led Businesses

In Zimbabwe, 80-90% of the population engages in the informal sector, but formal financial inclusion remains limited. My mission is to be a catalyst for social change, advocating for the financial inclusion of women-led businesses in the informal sector. Let's break down the barriers together!

Championing UN Sustainable Development Goals

1. No Poverty, 5. Gender Equality, 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

My advocacy aligns with three UN Sustainable Development Goals: Good Jobs and Economic Growth, Gender Equality, and Poverty Alleviation. Together, let's drive positive change and make a lasting impact on communities.

Empowering Women Through Partnerships

September 2023: Volt Glam Studio Collaboration

Teaming up with Volt Glam Studio by Jackie Megiddo, we empowered women in rural areas through skill development. Training and providing them with resources, we aimed to uplift these women as successful business owners, contributing to their financial growth.

October 2023: Mother Africa Trust Partnership

In collaboration with Mother Africa Trust, I supported key projects in Hwange District. From Matabele Basket weavers to mushroom farmers and beekeeping projects, I witnessed the impact firsthand. A $10,000 donation ensures the continuity of these initiatives, advancing gender equality and creating economic opportunities for women.

A Pledge for Ongoing Impact

During my reign and beyond, I am committed to partnering with NGOs and corporate sponsors, both locally and internationally. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, fostering economic growth, gender equality, and a future without poverty.

Join me in this journey of empowerment and financial inclusion. Together, we can make a difference!