Miss Universe USA Voice for Change 2023

Dive into the empowering world of Noelia Voigt, Miss Universe USA, as she amplifies voices, breaks barriers, and champions change in her compelling journey for a more inclusive and just society.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Noelia Voigt, Miss Universe USA, as she advocates for immigrant rights, tackles teen dating violence, and combats bullying. Her entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest unveils a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and impactful social change.


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Empowering Voices for Change: Miss Universe USA's Journey Towards Social Impact

In her official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, Noelia Voigt, the 72nd Miss Universe USA delegate, takes us on a transformative journey of advocacy and empowerment. As a bilingual Venezuelan American woman, she passionately uses her voice to champion the causes close to her heart, aligning with the United Nations sustainable development goals.

1. Bridging Cultures, Breaking Barriers:

Witness the power of diversity as Miss USA embraces her role as a representative of all backgrounds and cultures that make the USA the vibrant melting pot it is. In a nation fueled by dreams, Noelia advocates for the rights of immigrants, drawing from personal experiences of family members who navigated the challenging path to the American dream.

2. Advocacy Beyond the Crown:

Noelia's commitment to social impact extends far beyond the runway. For the past six years, she has partnered with the One Love Foundation, educating over 1000 students nationwide on teen dating violence. Unveil the impactful story of her journey from a survivor to a workshop facilitator, working towards incorporating mandatory curriculums in health science classes to prevent and address dating violence.

3. A Light Against Bullying:

Inspired by the tragic story of Madison Whitsett, Noelia takes a stand against bullying by crafting a children's book in her honor. Learn how this book, now reaching four different countries and 20 states, aims to equip children with the confidence and tools needed to navigate instances of bullying through positive affirmations and self-love.

4. Philanthropy, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Unity:

Miss Universe USA redefines the essence of pageantry, transcending mere beauty to embody philanthropy, diversity, inclusivity, and unity. Discover how Noelia's transformative leadership strives to redefine the narrative, proving that beauty queens can be catalysts for positive change.

As she steps onto the global stage, Miss Universe USA pledges to continue using her strength to fuel advocacies that align with the United Nations sustainable development goals: Good Health & Well-being, Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and Partnerships for the Goals.

Join Noelia Voigt on this inspiring journey, as she continues to be a beacon of change, hope, and empowerment for a better and more inclusive world. Together, let's amplify the voice for change.