Miss Universe Thailand Voice for Change 2023

Join Anntonia Porsild, Miss Universe Thailand, as she sparks a revolution for gender equality and economic empowerment, proving that self-love is the catalyst for transformative global change in this inspiring Voice for Change entry.

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Anntonia Porsild, Miss Universe Thailand, champions UN SDGs, focusing on Gender Equality, Economic Growth, and Poverty Alleviation. Her video showcases entrepreneurial empowerment, encouraging self-love as a catalyst for global change.


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Empowering Women for Change | Anntonia Porsild's Voice for Change at Miss Universe

In this powerful video, Anntonia Porsild, the 72nd Miss Universe Thailand delegate, unveils her official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest presented by Mouawad and CI Talks. As a beacon of positive change, she aligns her mission with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Decent Work and Economic Growth.

##BreakingGenderNorms #Empowerment #SustainableChange

Shattering Stereotypes: No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Economic Growth

Southeast Asia grapples with gender inequality and poverty, prevalent issues that demand urgent attention. Anntonia sheds light on the normative expectations placed on women in Asian communities, emphasizing the need for financial empowerment. Through her lens, she envisions a world where women not only create opportunities for themselves but also amplify their voices to champion the unheard.

##FinancialEmpowerment #BreakingBarriers #WomenEmpowerWomen

Leading by Example: Entrepreneurship and Social Media as Catalysts for Change

Anntonia leads the charge by spearheading her own business, promoting environmentally friendly products, and advocating for Thai products and ingredients. Through her journey, she taps into the potential of social media, creating affiliation programs to empower women who lack opportunities for work outside their homes. Her message resonates: take the first step towards self-sufficiency, gain experience, and be the voice that sparks positive change.

##SocialEntrepreneurship #EmpoweringThroughBusiness #VoiceForChange

Love Yourself, Create Change: A Personal Journey to Empowerment

Anntonia's philosophy extends beyond economic empowerment. She underscores the importance of self-love as a catalyst for change, urging individuals to embark on their journey of self-empowerment before extending their hands to uplift others. Her poignant message echoes the adage, "Be the change you want to see in the world," emphasizing that every small step contributes to monumental achievements.

##SelfLove #CreateChange #EmpowerYourself

Unity in Strength: Building a Better World Together

Anntonia emphasizes that one person alone may not change the world, but through unity, strength emerges. Her call to action resonates with the idea that collective efforts, no matter how small, pave the way for transformative global change. Join Anntonia Porsild on this inspiring journey of empowerment, as she proves that in unity, there is unparalleled strength.

##UnityInStrength #GlobalChange #VoiceForChange

Watch, share, and be inspired by Anntonia Porsild's passionate commitment to social impact, sustainability, and driving positive change. Together, let's be the change we wish to see in the world.