Miss Universe Switzerland Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Switzerland, Lorena Santen, unveils a groundbreaking Breast Health App, revolutionizing breast cancer awareness and empowering women worldwide to transform 'if I had known earlier' into 'because I knew, I survived.

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Lorena Santen, Miss Universe Switzerland 2023, champions UN SDG 3 by addressing the global breast cancer crisis. In her impactful video, she introduces a revolutionary Breast Health App, aiming to break barriers, raise awareness, and empower women to seek timely checkups for early detection.


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Empowering Change for Good Health & Well-being

Miss Universe Switzerland's Voice for Change | Breast Health Revolution

Meet Lorena Santen, your Miss Universe Switzerland 2023, on a mission that goes beyond the crown! 🇨🇭 In her compelling video, she addresses the critical issue of breast cancer, advocating for UN Sustainable Development Goal number three - ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all.

Early Detection Saves Lives: Breaking Barriers for Breast Health

Breast cancer, the most widespread and deadliest cancer for women worldwide, is often a silent battle. Lorena emphasizes the importance of early detection, where a staggering 90% survival rate is achievable. But here's the catch - barriers like lack of awareness, especially in underserved communities, hinder timely intervention.

Breaking Boundaries Through Awareness

Lorena poses the crucial questions: How do we spread the word? How do we ensure that knowledge, support, and care reach every individual, irrespective of background or location? Her solution is modern and impactful - leveraging the power of smartphones.

Introducing the Breast Health App: A Revolutionary Approach

Recognizing that 85% of the population owns a smartphone, Lorena introduces her groundbreaking initiative - a Breast Health App. This app, designed to reach women everywhere, provides self-check tutorials, regular screening reminders, and a breast center locator. It's a beacon of knowledge, empowering women to seek timely checkups and ensure early detection.

Miss Universe Switzerland: A Voice for Change

As the 72nd Miss Universe Switzerland, Lorena Santen takes up the mantle to be a true Voice for Change. Her rallying cry is clear - through united voices, we can create a choir of change. Let's bridge the gap between "if I had known earlier" and "because I knew, I survived."

Join the Movement: Be the Difference

Watch, share, and join Lorena in this impactful journey towards positive change. Be part of the movement that transforms "if I had known" into a resounding "because I knew, I survived." Together, let's make good health and well-being a reality for all.