Miss Universe Poland Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Angelika Jurkowianiec, Miss Universe Poland 2023, as she amplifies the power of the crown to advocate for global well-being, universal healthcare, and the boundless impact of education in this inspiring CI Talks entry.

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Angelika Jurkowianiec, Miss Universe Poland 2023, advocates for global well-being through universal healthcare access and education. In this CI Talks video, she emphasizes the power of the Miss Universe crown as a symbol of responsibility and a force for positive change.


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Empowering Change: Miss Universe Poland's Voice for Global Well-being

Welcome to CI Talks, where impactful voices resonate for positive change. In this exclusive video, Angelika Jurkowianiec, the 72nd Miss Universe Poland delegate, unveils her passionate entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, presented by Mouawad and CI Talks.

Global Impact Advocacy

As the 72nd Miss Universe Poland, Angelika embraces the call to action, recognizing that each of us holds the potential to be a hero for positive change. Join her on a journey where the strength to do good becomes a universal force. Together with the Miss Universe family, Angelika unites with women worldwide to address critical issues and raise a collective voice that resonates globally.

Advocacy for Good Health & Well-being

A medical analyst by profession, Angelika leverages her platform to advocate for universal access to medicine and screenings. Her goal is clear: to ensure that every individual around the world has the opportunity for preventive screenings, a crucial step in early disease detection. Through her advocacy, Angelika aims to alleviate innocent pain by emphasizing the life-saving impact of timely diagnoses.

Empowering Through Education

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, Angelika is on a mission to educate every social group. Her focus extends to the youngest minds, envisioning a future where knowledge becomes a powerful tool for prevention and, potentially, life-saving interventions. Discover the transformative impact of spreading awareness and empowering communities through education.

The Miss Universe Crown: Symbol of Responsibility and Power for Good

For Angelika, the Miss Universe crown is not just an emblem of honor; it's a tool to amplify her impact. In the rich tapestry of Polish culture, the crown signifies not only power but, above all, responsibility for others. Join Angelika as she shares how the crown motivates her to take impactful actions, making it a symbol of the power for good.

Partnerships for Global Goals 

This video aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal 17, emphasizing the importance of partnerships for global impact. Witness Angelika's commitment to fostering collaboration and building bridges to drive positive change on a global scale.

Join us in celebrating Angelika Jurkowianiec's dedication to social impact, sustainability, and a brighter future for all. Watch the video now and be inspired to be a hero for change!