Miss Universe Paraguay Voice for Change 2023

Join Elicena Andrada Orrego, Miss Universe Paraguay, on a transformative journey as she unveils the shadows of human trafficking, igniting hope and empowering change through her powerful 'Rise Above' movement.

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Elicena Andrada Orrego, Miss Universe Paraguay, sheds light on human trafficking in her CI Talks entry. Through the "Rise Above" movement, she advocates for SDGs, aiming to unite voices against this global issue and create a world of change.


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Rise Above: Elicena Andrada Orrego's Mission to End Human Trafficking | Miss Universe Voice for Change Contest

Welcome to a journey of purpose and impact with Elicena Andrada Orrego, the 72nd Miss Universe Paraguay delegate, as she takes the stage in the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest presented by Mouawad and CI Talks.

Unveiling the Shadows: A Personal Mission

Elicena, born in Paraguay and residing in Spain for the past 19 years, shares her profound encounter with the harsh realities faced by many compatriots who are victims of human trafficking. In a world where the UNODC reports a concerning 11% decrease in trafficking but a disturbing 27% drop in convictions, Elicena calls for action.

United Against Trafficking: Tackling SDGs for a Better Tomorrow

Join Elicena in the call to "Unite for Change" as she emphasizes the importance of tackling United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) like Gender Equality, Decent Work, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace. Discover how these goals can serve as powerful tools to combat the scourge of human trafficking and make a lasting impact on the lives of survivors.

Rise Above Movement: A Collective Voice for Hope

Elicena's passion transforms into action with the creation of "Rise Above," a movement that transcends borders. As a spokesperson and activist, she forms alliances to provide information, awareness, and preventive tools to eradicate the curse of human trafficking. Governments and societies are urged to unite, as every voice becomes a catalyst for change.

Be Brave, Rise, and Conquer: Illuminating Darkness

"Rise Above" becomes more than a movement; it becomes a guiding light, a collective voice that says, "Be brave, Rise, and Conquer." This mantra embodies the strength within us all, empowering survivors and igniting the flames of hope. Join this force for good as we illuminate the pervasive darkness together.

Becoming the Voice of Change: Ascend with Us

As a collective force, we are beacons in the darkest hours, persisting for a world where survivors find hope and a brighter tomorrow. Join Elicena and the "Rise Above" movement in their unwavering commitment to illuminate not just one state but the entire universe.

A World of Change: Your Voice Matters

Become the Voice of Change. Join the movement. Together, we rise above, creating a world of change. Harness the force for good and ascend with us in the battle against human trafficking. Let's be the change we wish to see in the world.