Miss Universe Jamaica Voice for Change 2023

Join Jordanne Levy, Miss Universe Jamaica 72nd delegate, as she courageously confronts Jamaica's teenage pregnancy crisis, merging her medical expertise with passion to empower young women, break barriers, and rewrite the narrative for a brighter, limitless future.

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Embark on a transformative journey with Jordanne Levy, Miss Universe Jamaica 72nd delegate, as she addresses Jamaica's teenage pregnancy crisis. Through her Voice for Change, Jordanne advocates for comprehensive sexual health education, empowering young women to shatter limits and pursue education, breaking the cycle of poverty.


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Crafting the Extraordinary

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Breaking Chains: Miss Universe Jamaica's Voice for Change in Tackling Teenage Pregnancy

Embark on a powerful journey with Jordanne Lauren Levy, the 72nd Miss Universe Jamaica delegate, as she fearlessly steps into the spotlight with her official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, presented by Mouawad and CI Talks. As a devoted medical professional, Jordanne is on a mission to use her Voice for Change to combat the alarming early dropout rate among young women in Jamaica due to teenage pregnancy.

A Doctor's Dream Beyond the Stethoscope

In this compelling video, envision Jordanne, not just as a pageant queen, but as a dedicated medical doctor navigating corridors that serve as confessionals for teenage mothers. Witness the strength she exudes as she confronts the harsh realities faced by young girls who, instead of engaging in conversations on contraceptives, are met with miseducation, misplacement, and stigma.

Shattering Glass Ceilings for Young Women

Join Jordanne as she challenges the cycle of poverty perpetuated by teenage pregnancy. What if she could use her Voice for Change to break barriers, merging her profession with passion? This is a story of shattering glass ceilings, inspiring dreams without limits, and empowering young women to believe in second chances.

Empowering Through Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

Delve into the heart of Jordanne's call to action. Discover the urgent need for volunteers as ambassadors for comprehensive sexual health education and youth-friendly doctors with compassion to enforce the principle that prevention is better than cure. Uncover her vision of a village that nurtures young girls into future leaders.

Tackling the Crisis: Teenage Pregnancy in Jamaica

Explore the alarming statistics - Jamaica holds the third-highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Uncover the harsh reality faced by these young girls, whose futures are jeopardized, increasing the likelihood of high school dropout and a life marked by violence.

Demystifying Sexual Health Education for a Brighter Future

Witness Jordanne's plea to demystify sexual health education. Understand that the change starts with conversations within our communities. Join the movement as we break the silence, empower our neighbors, sisters, brothers, and friends to create a supportive environment for young women to prevent pregnancy and continue their education.

Jordanne Levy's Voice for Change is not just a call; it's a rallying cry for a brighter future, a future where every young girl can thrive, breaking free from the chains of teenage pregnancy. Let's unite and prove that a woman's power can never be taken away, creating a socio-economic ecosystem where the dreams of Jamaica's young girls flourish.