Miss Universe Denmark Voice for Change 2023

Join Nicolina Aunan Hansen, Miss Universe Denmark 2023, in an inspiring journey to combat elderly loneliness, where heartfelt encounters and a call to action redefine the power of small gestures.

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Miss Universe Denmark 2023, Nicolina Aunan Hansen, addresses the loneliness crisis among elders in Denmark. Through personal stories and impactful encounters, she urges viewers to volunteer and bridge generational gaps, emphasizing that small actions can make a significant difference in the lives of the elderly.


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Voices for Change: Miss Universe Denmark 2023 Advocates for Elderly Well-being.

In this heartfelt video, Nicolina Aunan Hansen, the 72nd Miss Universe Denmark delegate, shares her personal journey and commitment to addressing a pressing issue close to her heart – the loneliness experienced by elders in Denmark. Join her on this impactful mission as she sheds light on the significant role each of us can play in fostering positive change.

A Granddaughter's Dedication to Elderly Well-being

In this inspiring entry for the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, Nicolina Aunan Hansen passionately addresses the pervasive issue of loneliness among elders in Denmark. Fueled by her close relationship with her grandad, who himself battled heart disabilities, Nicolina sheds light on the touching project they embarked on together and the impactful work they continue to do with the Elderly Organization of Denmark.

Tackling Loneliness: A Growing Problem

Nicolina unveils the staggering reality that 55,000 individuals over the age of 65 in Denmark battle loneliness. Through her advocacy, she aims to be a force for good, urging the younger generation to recognize the invaluable contributions of elders and encouraging them to take action.

The Power of a Smile: A Personal Encounter

Nicolina recounts the priceless moment when a few hours of her day brought immeasurable joy to a 92-year-old man in a nursery home. By sharing this heartwarming encounter, she emphasizes how seemingly small actions can make a substantial impact, inviting viewers to consider the positive change they can bring to the lives of the elderly.

A Call to Action: Volunteering for Change

Through her platform as Miss Universe Denmark, Nicolina aims to raise awareness about the elders' loneliness issue and inspire individuals to volunteer with the Elderly Organization of Denmark. She emphasizes that collective efforts are required to make a lasting impact, echoing the sentiment that together, we can be a powerful force for change.

Bridging Generations: A Vision for the Future

Nicolina shares her mission to reduce elderly loneliness and bring the younger generation closer to their elders. Her plea is simple but profound: take a minute or two out of your day to listen to their stories. Through this video, she invites each viewer to be part of the solution, emphasizing that even the smallest actions can make an enormous difference.

As Miss Universe Denmark 2023, Nicolina Aunan Hansen stands as a beacon of change, urging us all to lend our voices and efforts to create a world where no elder feels alone. Watch, listen, and join the movement toward a brighter, more connected future.