Miss Universe Cayman Islands Voice for Change 2023

Join Miss Universe Cayman Islands, Ileann Powery, as she boldly confronts the global epidemic of bullying, urging viewers to be the catalysts for change and support initiatives that promise a safer, kinder world.

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Miss Universe Cayman Islands, Ileann Powery, tackles global bullying issues in her impactful video. Partnering with "United Against Bullying," she advocates for year-round awareness, aiming to establish a bullying hotline and safe spaces, emphasizing the urgent need for funding to combat this pervasive problem.


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Empowering Change: Miss Universe Cayman Islands Takes a Stand Against Bullying

Video Description:

Join the Movement for Positive Change with Ileann Powery, Miss Universe Cayman Islands!

In her official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest, Ileann Powery, the dynamic Miss Universe Cayman Islands, addresses a pressing global issue: bullying. 🚫 This isn't just a local concern; it's a worldwide challenge that demands our attention.

Understanding the Issue:

Miss Universe Cayman Islands sheds light on the multifaceted dimensions of bullying - physical, emotional, social, and cyberbullying. These forms of aggression can leave a lasting impact on individuals, transcending borders and demographics.

Educating at the Grassroots:

Ileann collaborates with the local foundation, United Against Bullying, to engage with students in Cayman Islands schools. By discussing bullying at the foundational level, they plant seeds of awareness early, fostering a culture of respect and kindness.

Amplifying Voices:

Not content with a local impact, Ileann takes the conversation to the airwaves, addressing a broader audience through radio stations. Her aim? To make bullying prevention a year-round discourse, breaking the confines of October, designated as National Bullying Prevention Month.

The Challenge of Funding:

United Against Bullying faces challenges in securing funds from larger organizations. These funds are vital for realizing their vision, including the creation of a bullying hotline and a physical establishment providing a safe haven for those in need.

Creating Safe Spaces:

The vision extends beyond mere awareness. With your support, they aspire to establish a safe space where individuals can seek help, guidance, and encouragement. This initiative is crucial, especially considering the alarming link between bullying and life-threatening outcomes like suicide.

Building a Better Future:

By supporting these initiatives, you contribute to a positive, lasting impact on the lives affected by bullying. Let's stand together to prevent these negative long-term effects and create a world where kindness triumphs over cruelty.

Get Involved:

Click the link to watch Ileann Powery's impactful entry and join the movement for positive change. Together, we can be the voice for those who need it most.

Let's make bullying a thing of the past and pave the way for a brighter, kinder future. Your support matters!