Miss Universe Australia Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Moraya Wilson, Miss Universe Australia 2023, as she champions the power of sports to empower girls globally, unveiling a visionary initiative to break barriers and inspire positive change on CI Talks.

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Moraya Wilson, Miss Universe Australia 2023, advocates for empowering girls through sports on CI Talks. Addressing challenges in female sports participation, Moraya proposes a collaboration with Miss Universe and CI Talks to create culturally inclusive activewear, fostering confidence and resilience for young athletes globally.


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Empowering Girls Through Sports: Moraya Wilson's Vision for Positive Change


Welcome to CI Talks, the platform that amplifies voices driving positive change worldwide. In this impactful video, Moraya Wilson, the 72nd Miss Universe Australia delegate, shares her passionate perspective on using sports as a catalyst for positive transformation.

The Power of Sport:

Moraya, a former downhill ski racer, track athlete, and current sports coach, sheds light on the profound impact sports can have on individuals, transcending culture, ability, background, and gender. From childhood to elite athleticism, participating in sports fosters positive changes in mental, physical, social, and emotional well-being.

Addressing Challenges:

Moraya acknowledges the challenges the sporting industry faces in maintaining participation from childhood to adulthood. Citing a survey by the Women in Sport Organisation, she reveals alarming statistics, with a significant number of teenage girls quitting sports due to fear of judgment and lack of confidence.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals, Moraya advocates for Goal 3: Good Health & Well-being and Goal 5: Gender Equality. She emphasizes that sports contribute to holistic well-being and highlights the need to address barriers that hinder girls' continued participation.

Moraya's Solution:

Collaborating with Miss Universe and CI Talks, Moraya proposes a groundbreaking initiative. She envisions partnering with leading sporting apparel giants to create a culturally inclusive women's activewear line that supports the diverse female body. This initiative includes a campaign showcasing female sporting stars as role models, fostering confidence and inspiring young athletes.

A Cultural and Inclusive Approach:

Moraya's vision extends beyond sportswear; it aims to create a positive experience for girls globally. By promoting cultural inclusivity and supporting the growing female body, the initiative strives to make girls feel confident, comfortable, and happy in their sporting pursuits.

Building Strong, Confident, and Driven Leaders:

Moraya firmly believes that building confidence and resilience through sports is the key to nurturing strong, confident, resilient, and driven female leaders. She advocates for starting this transformative journey in youth, ensuring that girls grow into empowered leaders through the positive influence of sports.

Join the Movement:

Be part of this movement for change by supporting Moraya Wilson's vision. Together, let's empower girls globally through sports, breaking barriers and fostering a future generation of confident and resilient leaders.

Watch the video now and be inspired to be a part of positive change. Your support matters.