Miss Universe Angola Ana Bárbara Coimbra Voice for Change 2023

Dive into Ana Bárbara Coimbra's transformative journey as Miss Universe Angola, where she pioneers an eco-friendly solution to malnutrition, turning plastic waste into a lifeline for communities in need—witness change in action!

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Ana Bárbara Coimbra, Miss Universe Angola 72nd delegate, tackles Angola's malnutrition crisis in her CI Talks entry. Her project at Jobab Ecological School empowers communities through natural agriculture, emphasizing the urgency for collective action to break the chains of hunger.


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Nurturing Change: Ana Bárbara Coimbra's Mission to Tackle Malnutrition in Angola

In a heartfelt and impactful video, Ana Bárbara Coimbra, the 72nd Miss Universe Angola delegate, unveils her visionary project aimed at addressing the pressing issue of malnutrition in her homeland. This video serves as her official entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest presented by Mouawad and CI Talks, a platform dedicated to fostering social impact and positive change.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-being, Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities 

Breaking the Chains of Hunger: A Call to Action

Ana opens up about the challenges Angola faces, particularly in the aftermath of the civil war, where high inflation exacerbates the struggle against malnutrition. Tragically, malnutrition remains a primary contributor to the alarming infant mortality rate. Ana emphasizes the critical role that good nutrition plays in the well-being of children, laying the foundation for a healthy and prosperous future.

Growing Change: From Concept to Classroom

From her own observations growing up, Ana recognized the harsh reality that many children lacked access to nutritious meals, limiting their potential for social mobility. Determined to break this cycle, Ana introduces an innovative solution—teaching natural agriculture in schools. Her pilot project, implemented at Angola's only ecological school, Jobab, encourages parents to pay school fees by collecting recyclable plastic waste.

Sowing Seeds of Sustainability: The Jobab Model

In a limited space, Jobab utilizes vertical gardens in recycled plastic pots, creating a sustainable ecosystem. The food produced at the school contributes to preparing nutritious meals, fostering a self-sustaining cycle. Agronomy students and volunteers join hands, providing essential support for the initiative.

A Call to Action: Every Role Matters

Ana passionately conveys that every individual and community member, regardless of their role, holds the power to make a difference. Government officials, healthcare workers, teachers, business leaders, and students alike—Ana urges everyone to contribute to this urgent cause. The time to address malnutrition is now, as the lives of children, mothers, and families depend on our collective actions. Join Ana Bárbara Coimbra in her mission to nurture positive change and eliminate the specter of malnutrition in Angola. Together, let's sow the seeds of a healthier and brighter future!