Milk Siriprapa Intarasri MUT-23 Ratchaburi

Join Siriprapa Intarasri (Milk) on a heartfelt journey as she champions the power of quality education to break the chains of inequality and pave the way for a future where every dream can flourish.

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In her compelling video submission for the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, Siriprapa Intarasri (Milk) eloquently embodies the spirit of Ratchaburi as she highlights the transformative impact of quality education. Hailing from a rural village, Milk's impassioned narrative illuminates the stark realities of inequality and poverty that persist even in Thailand. Drawing from her own journey, where education became her beacon of empowerment, Milk fervently advocates for accessible education as the catalyst for a stronger, more inclusive society. With a heartwarming call to action, she envisions a future where every young mind has the opportunity to flourish, evoking a compelling vision of change and unity.


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Empowering Change Through Quality Education: Milk's Journey Towards a Brighter Future


In her inspiring video submission for the "Voice for Change" Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, generously sponsored by CI Talks and Mouawad, Siriprapa Intarasri (Milk), representing the vibrant province of Ratchaburi, captivates audiences with her heartfelt account of transformation through education. With a spotlight on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 4, and 10 – No Poverty, Quality Education, and Reduced Inequalities – Milk weaves a compelling narrative that sheds light on the persistent challenges faced by societies, while championing the potent role of education as a catalyst for change.

SDG 1: No Poverty - Unveiling the Harsh Realities:

Milk's video unveils the poignant truth about the enduring battle against poverty, both on a global scale and within her own homeland, Thailand. Her narrative resonates with authenticity as she draws from personal experiences and observations, skillfully emphasizing the continued existence of inequality and economic disparity despite progress. Hailing from a rural village herself, Milk is uniquely poised to shed light on the plight of marginalized communities, where limited access to resources often becomes a barrier to education and personal growth.

SDG 4: Quality Education - A Journey of Empowerment:

Through Milk's eyes, the transformative power of education becomes evident. Her personal journey from a rural village to pursuing a Bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Medical Technicians at Khon Kaen University underlines the life-altering impact of quality education. With unwavering conviction, Milk underscores the pivotal role that education plays in nurturing empowered individuals who can contribute meaningfully to society. Her own story becomes a testament to the potential that lies within each young mind, given the opportunity to access knowledge and skills.

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities - Igniting Change through Inclusivity:

Milk's advocacy for reduced inequalities takes center stage as she advocates for accessible education as a means to bridge societal gaps. Her passionate call to action rallies for a world where education is a birthright, not a privilege, envisioning a future where every child, regardless of their background, can nurture their aspirations. Embracing technological advancement as a transformative tool, Milk highlights the need for an innovative education system that transcends financial constraints, ensuring that no one is left behind.

A Vision for Change:

Advocating for Educational Equality:

Milk's compelling narrative underscores the importance of advocating for educational equality as a fundamental human right. With sincerity and resolve, she emphasizes the intrinsic connection between education and societal growth, urging viewers to recognize the pivotal role of empowered youth in shaping the nation's destiny.

Inspiring Unity and Progress:

Through Milk's message, a vision of unity and progress emerges. She envisions a society where quality education serves as the cornerstone of a stronger, more resilient nation. Her call to action resonates deeply, imploring all stakeholders to collaborate in crafting an inclusive education ecosystem where every child's potential can flourish.

Conclusion: A Unified Call for Change:

As the curtains rise on the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 video contest, Milk's voice emerges as a powerful instrument of change, echoing the values of CI Talks and Mouawad. Her impassioned plea for accessible education and reduced inequalities harmonizes perfectly with the sustainable development goals of the global community. Milk's narrative is not merely a video; it is a clarion call for action, an anthem of hope that beckons us to unite in creating a future where every individual, regardless of their background, can embrace the transformative power of education and contribute to a brighter, more equitable world.