Introducing Miss Universe Voice for Change

Unveil the beauty beyond the crown as CI Talks presents the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change, where empowered women redefine glamor, champion social causes, and inspire a global movement for positive transformation.

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Explore the transformative power of beauty with purpose in the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change, presented by Mouawad and CI Talks. Join Fred Mouawad, founder of CI Talks, as extraordinary women redefine beauty, advocate for social causes, and vie for the coveted title. Witness impact, support the cause, and be part of the journey on


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Crafting the Extraordinary

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Unveiling Beauty Beyond Borders: Miss Universe Voice for Change | CI Talks Special Presentation

Miss Universe Voice for Change: Empowering Beauty with Purpose

Dive into a realm where beauty transcends boundaries and becomes a powerful force for positive change! CI Talks proudly presents a captivating presentation by Fred Mouawad, the visionary founder of CI Talks and Co Guardian of Mouawad, aired during the 72nd Miss Universe Preliminaries in El Salvador on November 15, 2023.

Beyond Beauty Queens: Empowered Delegates Driving Change

The Miss Universe Organization stands as a formidable platform, elevating accomplished, confident, and brave women who have triumphed in their respective countries. Beyond the glitz and glamor, each delegate understands that victory places them in the spotlight, bestowing upon them the influential power to inspire positive change.

Miss Universe Voice For Change: Shaping Perspectives

Sponsored by Mouawad and CI Talks, the Voice for Change campaign is a revolutionary initiative. It unveils a holistic view of each contestant, urging fans to appreciate their character, inner soul, and the social causes close to their hearts. Beauty is redefined through a broader prism, encompassing intelligence, integrity, and culture.

Catalyzing Change: United for Sustainable Development Goals

This campaign amplifies the voice of all delegates on a platform designed to educate, inspire, and catalyze change around the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. Explore the videos on and witness the extraordinary women who are not just beauty queens but formidable change-makers.

Support the Cause: Learn, Act, Change

Embark on a journey of empowerment by learning about the causes close to these extraordinary women's hearts. Miss Universe Voice for Change invites you to take action and be a part of the movement to realize meaningful change. Each delegate is a beacon of hope, and your support can make a difference.

The Grand Finale: Celebrating Impact

As the campaign unfolded, a distinguished Selection Committee oversaw the process. 10 Silver Finalists were announced during the 72nd Miss Universe Preliminaries competition on November 15, 2023 in El Salvador. The 3 Gold Winners were officially announced during the 72nd Miss Universe Finals on November 18, 2023 in El Salvador and each received a a cash prize of US$12,000 from the sponsors; Mouawad and CI Talks.

Join the Campaign: Be a Greater Force for Good

Join us in celebrating beauty with purpose and supporting these incredible women who are shaping the future. Together, let's be a greater force for good. Watch the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change Videos on and immerse yourself in the campaign – where beauty inspires change!