How to Have Good Sex

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Have you wondered how to have good sex that this fun and safe and what happens to our bodies in the throws of sexual passion? Join Dr. Thanyanan Kangvalpornroj in her first sex education video talk on CI Talks to find out about arousal, sexual response and more.

How To Have Good Sex is episode 3 of the CI Talks 5-part sex education video series with coaches Ticha Kanticha Chumma and Bangkok STI expert Dr. Thanyanan Kangvalpornroj.

The 4 Phases of the Sexual Response Cycle

In this video, Dr. Thanyanan Kangvalpornroj takes you through getting prepared for sex before moving into the human sexual response cycle, a model devised by William Masters and Virginia Johnson in 1960’s, and its 4 phases.

Phase 1: Excitement, Arousal & Desire

The excitement phase can last for a few minutes to several hours depending on your and your partner, where you are and the connection between you.

Your muscles begin to get more tense, your heart rate quickens, breathing becomes faster and your nipples become hardened and erect. Blood flow increases to your genitals; in men his penis becomes erect and in women, her breasts become fuller, her clitoris and labia swell, and her vagina becomes lubricated.

Phase 2: Plateau

"Plateau" sounds very boring but in fact it's about the moment just before orgasm. Everything that happened in the excitement phase is intensified. As blood flow increases, the vagina continues to swell and her clitoris becomes very sensitive. Other things increasing are your breathing, heart rate and muscle tension which may, in your feet, face and hands, go into spasm.

Phase 3: Orgasm

The orgasm is the climax, the fireworks at the end of the event. As you go through an orgasm, you will have involuntary muscle contractions and your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure are at their highest rates. The muscles in your feet may spasm.

Then comes the sudden release of sexual tension. Men will experience a series of rhythmic contractions at the base of their penis as they ejaculate semen. Women will feel the muscles of their vagina contracting and, sometimes, rhythmic contractions in their uterus.

A sex flush, similar to a rash, may also appear over your entire body.

Phase 4: Resolution

The fourth and final phase is "resolution", or the period immediately after orgasm. This is when you feel tired but intimate and with a sense of well being.

For those wanting "Round 2", many women can recover very quickly and, with more sexual stimulation, be able to experience multiple orgasms. Alas, men take longer to recover and the amount of time they need before they can orgasm again depends on the individual and their age.