Circular Economy in Thailand

Dive into a visionary journey led by Dr. Kanittha Tambunlertchai as she unveils Thailand's path towards a greener tomorrow through Circular Economy, igniting hope for a sustainable future.

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Discover how Circular Economy is reshaping Thailand's sustainable future. Join Dr. Kanittha Tambunlertchai from Chulalongkorn University as she unveils the urgent need to shift from the linear economy model to a Circular Economy approach. Dive into insights on waste management, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Explore how Thailand's BCG Economy model is paving the way for a greener and prosperous tomorrow.


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Embracing Change: Transforming Thailand's Future through Circular Economy


In a world facing environmental challenges, CI Talks presents a visionary video, "Circular Economy in Thailand", where Dr. Kanittha Tambunlertchai, Associate Professor at Chulalongkorn University, sheds light on the need for a transformative shift towards Circular Economy.

The Environmental Crisis:

As rain triggers fears of flooding and water scarcity looms during dry seasons, the urgency of environmental challenges becomes apparent. Cities like Bangkok are grappling with floods and waste clogging drains, underlining the pressing need for change.

Asia's Plastic Predicament:

Asia leads in ocean plastic pollution, contributing 80% of the world's ocean plastics. Within Asia, Thailand emerges as a significant marine polluter, producing more marine waste than the entire European continent.

Microplastics and Human Health:

The emergence of microplastics from decomposed waste poses a grave threat. These tiny plastic beads infiltrate aquatic life and eventually enter human bodies, highlighting the intricate link between pollution and health.

From Linear to Circular Economy:

The root cause lies in the Linear Economy model—make, consume, discard. The more we grow, the more waste we generate. Circular Economy offers a solution: reduce consumption, recycle, and extend product lifecycles.

Circular Economy in Action:

Discover the transformative "Closed Loop Farming" model in Vietnam, where animals and crops coexist sustainably. Waste becomes fertilizer, and byproducts like biogas contribute to energy production.

Thailand's Path to Sustainability:

The BCG Economy model—Bio, Circular & Green Economy—is Thailand's beacon of sustainable growth. Aligning with global trends, this framework focuses on nurturing a circular economy for a prosperous future.

FES Thailand's Mission:

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Thailand spearheads the transition to Circular Economy, fostering collaboration and motivation. Through seminars and research, the movement gains momentum, inspiring both businesses and individuals.

Principles of Circular Economy:

Three core principles guide Circular Economy: reducing new material use, extending product lifespans, and minimizing production and consumption impacts. These tenets drive sustainable practices.

Urgency for Change:

Amidst rising pollution and environmental threats, the call for action grows stronger. Every small effort counts, from reducing plastic waste to embracing circular practices. The time for change is now.

Government and Business Leadership:

Government leadership plays a pivotal role in steering environmental-friendly policies. Businesses must embrace sustainability to thrive in a changing landscape, with investors favoring eco-conscious companies.

A Better Tomorrow:

Change starts with individuals embracing Circular Economy principles. A world with cleaner air, water, and reduced waste beckons. Together, we can build a sustainable legacy for generations to come.


Step into the world of Circular Economy, where Thailand's journey towards sustainability unfolds. Join Dr. Kanittha Tambunlertchai as she illuminates the path to a greener, more prosperous future in this transformative CI Talks video production.