Alex Face on Becoming a Street Artist

Unlock the World of Street Art and Self-Development with Thai Artist Alex Face as he unveils his journey to CI Talks, inspiring you to follow your passion and create a positive impact through creativity.

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Experience a transformative artistic odyssey in "How I Become a Street Artist," narrated by Patcharapon Taengruen, known as Alex Face. Hosted by CI Talks, a premier video-on-demand platform for social impact and sustainable development content, this video delves into Alex Face's evolution from a child in rural Chachoengsao to a renowned graffiti artist in bustling Bangkok. Explore his unconventional path, street art origins, and insights on self-development, showcasing how pursuing one's passion can catalyze personal growth and inspire positive change.

Alex Face: Street Art, Self-Development, and Social Impact - Unveiling an Artistic Journey on CI Talks

Embracing Creativity and Self-Discovery:

Join CI Talks for a captivating narrative with Alex Face, a visionary street artist, as he takes you on a journey of self-discovery and artistic expression. Dive into his background and early influences, rooted in the vibrant landscapes of Chachoengsao, setting the stage for his unique path.

The Evolution of Alex Face:

Discover how Patcharapon Taengruen, transformed into Alex Face, an emblematic figure that fuses childlike innocence with social consciousness. Explore his artistic evolution from childhood days spent in rice fields to discovering his passion for graffiti art, and how it provided an unconventional channel for self-expression.

Urban Canvas and Social Impact:

Explore the streets of Bangkok through Alex Face's eyes, as he breathes life into abandoned buildings with thought-provoking graffiti. Witness how his artworks serve as bridges connecting with urban communities and shedding light on societal issues, all while fostering a sense of unity and empathy.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities:

Alex Face's journey is a testament to embracing challenges and transforming them into opportunities. Dive into his reflections on pursuing a career in art, from defying conventional notions to seizing moments that propel his artistic endeavors forward.

Empowering Change Through Art:

Immerse yourself in Alex Face's profound insights on self-development and the power of artistic expression to catalyze change. Uncover his perspective on societal issues, as his iconic character resonates with audiences globally, sparking conversations and inspiring positive action.

Personal Growth and Positive Impact:

Delve into the five essential keys Alex Face shares for self-development and success in the arts. From discovering strengths and fostering opportunities to learning from peers and continuous improvement, his advice serves as a blueprint for aspiring artists seeking personal growth and making a lasting impact.