Miss Universe Bulgaria Voice for Change 2023

Join Yuliia Pavlikova, the 72nd Miss Universe Bulgaria, as she unveils the hidden side of beauty, diving into a world of environmental responsibility and inspiring change through her captivating journey into the heart of electronic waste recycling.

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Explore Yuliia Pavlikova's journey as the 72nd Miss Universe Bulgaria delegate on CI Talks. From beauty accolades to environmental advocacy, she unveils her mission for responsible consumption, focusing on the global impact of electronic waste and her vision for sustainable living.


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Crafting the Extraordinary

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Empowering Change: Yuliia Pavlikova's Mission for Sustainable Living

Join Yuliia Pavlikova, the 72nd Miss Universe Bulgaria delegate, on a transformative journey towards a sustainable future in her official entry for the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest presented by Mouawad and CI Talks.

Beauty with Purpose: Yuliia's Inspiring Journey

In this compelling video, Yuliia shares her remarkable story, from being a Master of Economics to winning international beauty contests and becoming the director of the MFD Model School for Children. Discover how her passion for fashion and creativity intertwines seamlessly with her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

A Heart for Animals: Yuliia's Philanthropic Ventures

Explore Yuliia's deep affection for animals and her role as a member of the Animal Care Fund. As a goodwill ambassador for Europe and Asia, she organizes charity events, showcasing her dedication to creating a better world for both people and animals alike.

Global Impact: Yuliia's Contribution to Culture and Education

Uncover Yuliia's international awards for her outstanding contributions to the culture and education of young minds. Learn how her job, which she considers her hobby, provides her with the pleasure of traveling to over 30 countries, giving her a unique perspective on a global environmental issue.

Beyond Beauty: Yuliia's Environmental Awakening

Dive into the heart of the matter as Yuliia addresses the pressing issue of electronic waste. With over 53 million tons generated globally, she sheds light on the environmental impact of outdated electronics and the urgent need for responsible consumption and production.

A Glimpse into Change: Yuliia's Visit to a Recycling Plant

Embark on a virtual tour with Yuliia as she visits the largest electrical devices recycling plant in Europe. Witness the intricate process of sorting and recycling household appliances, and grasp the scale of the plant's capability to sort up to 80% of the received equipment.

Yuliia's Vision: Protecting the Planet through Education and Awareness

Discover Yuliia's ambitious goals to implement environmental protection programs in educational institutions, install containers in shopping centers for collecting electronic devices, and leverage her social media influence to raise awareness about responsible waste disposal.

In a world where resources are finite, Yuliia Pavlikova urges us to reflect on the legacy we leave for future generations. Let's unite in her mission for responsible consumption and production, ensuring a sustainable and vibrant planet for years to come.