Miss Universe Cambodia Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with John Sotima, Miss Universe Cambodia 2023, as she advocates for Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities in her impactful Voice for Change video on CI Talks. Join her mission to inspire and uplift underprivileged communities.

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Miss Universe Cambodia Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with John Sotima, Miss Universe Cambodia 2023, as she advocates for Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Reduced Inequalities in her impactful Voice for Change video on CI Talks. Join her mission to inspire and uplift underprivileged communities.

Miss Universe Bulgaria Voice for Change 2023

Explore Yuliia Pavlikova's journey as the 72nd Miss Universe Bulgaria delegate on CI Talks. From beauty accolades to environmental advocacy, she unveils her mission for responsible consumption, focusing on the global impact of electronic waste and her vision for sustainable living.

Miss Universe Vietnam Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Vietnam, Bui Quynh Hoa, presents her "W-Project" in the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest on CI Talks. Addressing women's health issues in Vietnam, she champions awareness, provides health insurance, and educates to transform perceptions and empower change.

Miss Universe USA Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Noelia Voigt, Miss Universe USA, as she advocates for immigrant rights, tackles teen dating violence, and combats bullying. Her entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest unveils a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and impactful social change.

Miss Universe Ukraine Voice for Change 2023

Angelina Usanova, Miss Universe Ukraine, addresses the mental toll of war in her CI Talks entry. Focused on healing through music, nutrition, and holistic practices, she unveils her mission to nurture inner peace, bridging the gap to global harmony.

Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago Voice for Change 2023

Faith Gillezeau, Miss Universe Trinidad & Tobago, champions good health in her CI Talks entry. Addressing rising diseases, she introduces the Fit Future Foundation, advocating for a triple-threat strategy to instill healthier habits in children nationwide.

Miss Universe Thailand Voice for Change 2023

Anntonia Porsild, Miss Universe Thailand, champions UN SDGs, focusing on Gender Equality, Economic Growth, and Poverty Alleviation. Her video showcases entrepreneurial empowerment, encouraging self-love as a catalyst for global change.

Miss Universe Switzerland Voice for Change 2023

Lorena Santen, Miss Universe Switzerland 2023, champions UN SDG 3 by addressing the global breast cancer crisis. In her impactful video, she introduces a revolutionary Breast Health App, aiming to break barriers, raise awareness, and empower women to seek timely checkups for early detection.

Miss Universe Spain Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a journey with Athenea Corregido, Miss Universe Spain 2023, as she addresses gender-based violence through her "Voice for Change" video. Unveiling "The Importance of Signs" campaign, she creatively merges astrology compatibility with cause marketing to empower youth against violence.

Miss Universe Slovakia Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Slovakia 2023, Kinga Puhova, advocates for breast cancer prevention through the Mirror Challenge. In collaboration with No Cancer Netrakona, she highlights the importance of self-examination and mammographic screenings, urging a shift from superficial concerns to prioritizing health.

Miss Universe South Africa Voice for Change 2023

Bryoni Govender, Miss Universe South Africa, passionately addresses the alarming gender-based violence in her country. Through her impactful video, "Her Way Out," she advocates for gender equality, focusing on empowering women with legal knowledge to reshape their destinies.

Miss Universe Portugal Voice for Change 2023

Marina Machete, Miss Universe Portugal 2023, champions inclusivity and equality in her CI Talks entry. Addressing UN goals 5 and 10, she advocates for safe spaces, employment access, and healthcare, inspiring positive change through courage, authenticity, and kindness.

Miss Universe Poland Voice for Change 2023

Angelika Jurkowianiec, Miss Universe Poland 2023, advocates for global well-being through universal healthcare access and education. In this CI Talks video, she emphasizes the power of the Miss Universe crown as a symbol of responsibility and a force for positive change.

Miss Universe Peru Voice for Change 2023

Explore Camila Escribens' inspiring journey as the 72nd Miss Universe Peru delegate in her official entry for the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest. Overcoming health challenges, she advocates for good health, nutrition, and sports as fundamental rights to empower children globally.

Miss Universe Singapore Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Singapore, Priyanka Annuncia, confronts human trafficking with a criminology-backed approach. From "Jab for Justice" fitness fundraisers to advocating for the EARN IT Act, she passionately unveils a path toward freedom, peace, and justice for all.

Miss Universe Paraguay Voice for Change 2023

Elicena Andrada Orrego, Miss Universe Paraguay, sheds light on human trafficking in her CI Talks entry. Through the "Rise Above" movement, she advocates for SDGs, aiming to unite voices against this global issue and create a world of change.

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Voice for Change 2023

Karla Guilfú Acevedo, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023, passionately addresses Puerto Rico's mental health crisis in her entry for the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest on CI Talks. Through her program, "It's okay to Not Be okay," Karla aims to destigmatize emotions, empower communities, and spark a global movement for mental health awareness and support.

Miss Universe Zimbabwe Voice for Change 2023

Brooke Bruk-Jackson, Miss Universe Zimbabwe, advocates for financial inclusion in the informal sector, primarily supporting women-led businesses. Her impactful journey aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to bridge gaps and empower communities through partnerships and ongoing initiatives.

Miss Universe Panama Voice for Change 2023

Natasha Vargas, Miss Universe Panama 72nd delegate, unveils "Rutas De Esperanza" in a transformative video on CI Talks. Through journalism, she investigates and allies with Casa Hogar Luisa to champion human rights, inviting global collaboration for a more inclusive and compassionate future.

Miss Universe Pakistan Voice for Change 2023

Erica Robin, Miss Universe Pakistan, unveils the untold stories of resilient Pakistani women, addressing gender bias and inequality. Her mission extends beyond borders, empowering women, fostering education, and unlocking untapped talent for a brighter future.

Miss Universe Norway Voice for Change 2023

Julie Tollefsen, Miss Universe Norway 2023, advocates for sustainable fashion in her CI Talks entry. Addressing pollution and waste, she urges global action, emphasizing responsible consumption and production for a greener future.

Miss Universe Nigeria Voice for Change 2023

Ugochi Mitchel Ihezue, Miss Universe Nigeria 2023, passionately addresses the financial challenges hindering women worldwide in her CI Talks entry. Partnering with the {{NAME}} Ministry, she advocates for increased financial literacy to empower women, fostering positive change and economic independence.

Miss Universe Netherlands Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Netherlands 2023, Rikkie Kollé, confronts global bullying in her Voice for Change entry. Sharing her triumph over childhood torment as a trans woman, she advocates for Zinloos Geweld, emphasizing exposure for societal awareness. Join Rikkie on a mission to break barriers and inspire resilience.

Miss Universe Nepal Voice for Change 2023

Join Jane Dipika Garrett, Miss Universe Nepal 2022, in her CI Talks entry, sharing her journey from darkness to empowerment. Facing PCOS and mental health struggles, she advocates for hormonal health, aiming to inspire self-love globally.

Miss Universe Namibia Voice for Change 2023

Jameela Uiras, Miss Universe Namibia 2023, champions youth empowerment in her CI Talks entry. Addressing Namibia's 41.6% youth unemployment, she advocates holistic education, green innovation, and collaborative efforts for a more inclusive, prosperous future aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Miss Universe Myanmar Voice for Change 2023

Amara Bi, Miss Universe Myanmar 2023, advocates for empowering Myanmar's children through education and protection from early marriage. Joined by actress Khine Hnin Wai, they express gratitude to philanthropists, emphasizing the collective responsibility to reshape destinies for a brighter future.

Miss Universe Mexico Voice for Change 2023

Explore Melissa Flores' powerful entry into the 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change contest on CI Talks. Representing Mexico, Melissa's project "No me Limites" aims to eradicate global dating violence, offering tools for transformation and empowering all to break the silence. Watch now and join the movement for positive change.

Miss Universe Malta Voice for Change 2023

Explore workplace inclusivity with Ella Portelli, Miss Universe Malta 2023, in her impactful CI Talks entry. Addressing LGBTQ+ challenges, she advocates policy changes, training, and public support for a more accepting and equal future.

Miss Universe Lebanon Voice for Change 2023

Maya Abou El Hosn, Miss Universe Lebanon, passionately addresses Lebanon's education crisis in her CI Talks entry. Urging collective action, she emphasizes strategic investments, sustainable initiatives, and innovative education methods to rebuild the nation.

Miss Universe Latvia Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Latvia, Kate Alexeeva, unveils "Combat Violence" – a sustainable community for domestic violence survivors in the Baltic region. Through workshops, eco-initiatives, and fashion empowerment, Kate aims to break the silence, fostering strength, and sustainability for a brighter future.

Miss Universe Laos Voice for Change 2023

Phaimany Lathsabanthao, Miss Universe Laos 2023, advocates for girls' education to break barriers and drive economic growth. Join her on CI Talks as she shares her transformative journey and actively works to create a brighter future through education.

Miss Universe Jamaica Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Jordanne Levy, Miss Universe Jamaica 72nd delegate, as she addresses Jamaica's teenage pregnancy crisis. Through her Voice for Change, Jordanne advocates for comprehensive sexual health education, empowering young women to shatter limits and pursue education, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Miss Universe Ireland Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Aisha Akaridae, Miss Universe Ireland, as she confronts Period Poverty in her CI Talks entry. Join her mission for sustainable solutions, breaking the cycle, and empowering girls worldwide.

Miss Universe Indonesia Voice for Change 2023

Join Fabienne Nicole Groeneveld, Miss Universe Indonesia 2023, on CI Talks as she addresses educational disparities in Indonesia. Her video, "Empower Now," advocates for Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, offering solutions to break the cycle of poverty and foster inclusivity.

Miss Universe Italy Voice for Change 2023

Carmen Panepinto Zayati, Miss Universe Italy 2023, advocates for women in STEM, challenging stereotypes and promoting global change. Her video on CI Talks addresses gender biases, inspiring girls to pursue quality education in scientific fields and become empowered leaders in a sustainable future.

Miss Universe India Voice for Change 2023

Embark on Shweta Sharda's empowering journey as Miss Universe India 2023. In her CI Talks entry, she champions AtmaNirbharta, sharing her dance-filled path to self-reliance, breaking societal norms, and fostering talent through mentorship.

Miss Universe Hungary Voice for Change 2023

Tünde Blága, Miss Universe Hungary, passionately advocates for World Peace in her CI Talks video. Representing Hungary, she emphasizes strengthening international organizations, fostering dialogue, and promoting economic collaboration as crucial steps towards a harmonious and sustainable world.

Miss Universe Guyana Voice for Change 2023

Lisa Narine, Miss Universe Guyana, champions change through "Nurture New." Her video showcases impactful stories of individuals breaking the cycle of poverty with skill-based classes. Join Lisa in fostering economic growth and reducing inequalities at CI Talks.

Miss Universe Great Britain Voice for Change 2022

Jessica Page, Miss Universe GB, shares her Voice for Change on CI Talks, addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals. Her impactful entry highlights Sheroes Hangout's role in empowering acid attack survivors through employment, education, and fostering resilience in sustainable communities.

Miss Universe Guatemala Voice for Change 2023

Explore Miss Universe Guatemala Michelle Cohn's powerful message on CI Talks. In her video, she addresses the silent struggle of Guatemalan deaf women, advocating for workplace inclusivity, equal opportunities, and breaking communication barriers to create a more accessible and inclusive society. Join her mission for change on citalks.com.

Miss Universe Germany Voice for Change 2023

Helena Bleicher, Miss Universe Germany 2023, advocates for ending child poverty through education. Join her in supporting Tabasamu, a German organization empowering Tanzanian children through school uniforms and essential items, creating lasting smiles and positive change.

Miss Universe France Voice for Change 2023

Diane Leyre, Miss Universe France, advocates "Living Together" in her impactful CI Talks entry. Addressing discrimination and promoting inclusivity, Diane's passionate voice calls for unity and celebrates the strength found in our unique identities.

Miss Universe Finland Voice for Change 2023

Join Paula Joukanen, Miss Universe Finland 2022, on CI Talks, as she advocates for human rights and social change. Through her charity campaign and volunteer teaching, Paula empowers others to embrace their "Voice for Change" and create a safer, more inclusive world.

Miss Universe Egypt Voice for Change 2023

Mohra Tantawy, Miss Universe Egypt 2022, advocates for global humanitarian aid in her CI Talks video. Focused on the UN goal of No Poverty, she emphasizes collaboration, urging viewers to support the Red Cross and Crescent for impactful change.

Miss Universe Ecuador Voice for Change 2023

Delary Stoffers, Miss Universe Ecuador 72nd delegate, advocates for good health, addressing type 1 diabetes affecting 12 million children worldwide. Collaborating with FUVIDA Foundation, her impactful video promotes well-being through education, fostering self-sufficiency for a brighter future.

Miss Universe Bahamas Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Bahamas 2023, Melissa Ingraham, advocates for global climate action in her Voice for Change contest entry. Addressing loss and damage, she emphasizes the interconnected nature of Sustainable Development Goal 13, urging collective efforts for a just, resilient world.

Miss Universe Venezuela Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Venezuela, Diana Silva, advocates for gender equality in her impactful CI Talks entry. Addressing Venezuela's alarming adolescent birth rate, she proposes a model of integral sex education workshops and strategic partnerships, aiming to empower girls and break the cycle of poverty.

Miss Universe Nicaragua Voice for Change 2023

Miss Nicaragua 2023, Sheynnis Palacios, bravely shares her battle with anxiety, aligning her message with UN Sustainable Goals. Addressing mental health as a universal right, she champions Yana: You Are Not Alone, pledging to empower women for a sustainable, anxiety-free future.

Miss Universe Korea Voice for Change 2023

Soyun Kim, Miss Universe Korea 2023, champions gender equality and reduced inequality in her video on citalks.com. Proposing a global app for single mothers, she seeks collaboration with influencers like Oprah Winfrey to empower women worldwide and shape a future of understanding and equality.

Miss Universe Honduras Voice for Change 2023

Zuheilyn Clemente, Miss Honduras Universe 2023, passionately advocates for Zero Hunger and Inclusive Special Education in her Miss Universe Voice for Change entry. Join her in uniting for a world where no child goes hungry, and every child has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Miss Universe Dominican Republic Voice for Change 2023

Join Mariana Downing, Miss Universe Dominican Republic, on CI Talks. In her Voice for Change entry, she passionately addresses the impact of war on children, advocating for peace and justice globally.

Miss Universe Denmark Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Denmark 2023, Nicolina Aunan Hansen, addresses the loneliness crisis among elders in Denmark. Through personal stories and impactful encounters, she urges viewers to volunteer and bridge generational gaps, emphasizing that small actions can make a significant difference in the lives of the elderly.

Miss Universe Czech Republic Voice for Change 2023

Vanesa Švédová, Miss Universe Czech Republic 2023, passionately advocates for Quality Education in her CI Talks video. Addressing youth suicide and mental health, she champions the integration of mental literacy as a core subject in schools to foster a generation of emotionally resilient children.

Miss Universe Curaçao Voice for Change 2023

Kim Rossen, Miss Universe Curaçao, advocates for gender equality in sports on CI Talks. Highlighting the challenges, she emphasizes the need for investment, media coverage, and a shift in marketing to empower women athletes globally. Join the movement for change!

Miss Universe Croatia Voice for Change 2023

Andrea Erjavec, Miss Universe Croatia 2023, advocates for Quality Education in her impactful video on CI Talks. Her mission: bridge generations, transform sports facilities, and rebuild her earthquake-hit university. Join her in empowering education and rebuilding dreams for a brighter future.

Miss Universe Costa Rica Voice for Change 2023

Explore a transformative message with Lizbeth Valverde, Miss Universe Costa Rica 2023. In her Voice for Change entry, she advocates for inclusive education, shedding light on the challenges faced by people with disabilities and promoting a society that celebrates diversity.

Miss Universe Colombia Voice for Change 2023

Camila Avella, Miss Universe Colombia, passionately addresses adolescent pregnancy's impact on Quality Education in her CI Talks video. As an ambassador for the "I Live in Love Foundation," she advocates a global love and education revolution to break the cycle of suffering and create a compassionate, understanding world.

Miss Universe Chile Voice for Change 2023

Celeste Viel, Miss Universe Chile, advocates for immigrant children in her CI Talks video. Addressing the crisis at the US-Mexican border, she introduces Dreams United, aiming to empower families with essential resources and support, fostering a compassionate world.

Miss Universe Cayman Islands Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Cayman Islands, Ileann Powery, tackles global bullying issues in her impactful video. Partnering with "United Against Bullying," she advocates for year-round awareness, aiming to establish a bullying hotline and safe spaces, emphasizing the urgent need for funding to combat this pervasive problem.

Miss Universe Canada Voice for Change 2023

Embark on a transformative journey with Madison Kvaltin, Miss Universe Canada 72nd delegate, as she champions UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 4 in her impactful CI Talks entry. Her video passionately addresses global health inequities and advocates for quality education, sparking a call to unite voices for positive change.

Miss Universe Cameroon Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Cameroon 2023, Issie Princesse, confronts the breast cancer crisis in Cameroon, blending personal stories of Michelle and Sarah. Aligning with UN SDG 4, Issie's impactful entry into the Voice for Change contest urges collective action for quality education, specialized care, and a united front against breast cancer.

Miss Universe BVI Voice for Change 2023

Ashellica Fahie, Miss Universe British Virgin Islands, champions change in her CI Talks entry. Breaking boundaries, she inspires a mindset shift, emphasizing faith, well-being, and sustainable growth for global impact.

Miss Universe Brazil Voice for Change 2023

Maria Brechane, Miss Brazil 2023, champions inclusion through her project for a dedicated school teaching Libras. Join her in breaking digital barriers with an innovative app, creating opportunities and empowering the deaf community.

Miss Universe Bolivia Voice for Change 2023

Explore Miss Bolivia Universe 2023, Estefany Rivero's journey on CI Talks. Representing the Amazonian Mojeno people, she advocates for climate action and biodiversity, sharing her fight against macaw feather use and promoting sustainable alternatives. Join her in preserving culture and saving species!

Miss Universe Belgium Voice for Change 2023

Explore Emilie Vansteenkiste's powerful journey as the 72nd Miss Universe Belgium in the Voice for Change contest on CI Talks. Addressing mental health barriers, she shares her vision for global workshops, campaigns, and online support to destigmatize seeking help and make counseling accessible for all.

Miss Universe Bahrain Voice for Change 2023

Miss Universe Bahrain delegate, Lujane Yacoub, advocates for community centers in her CI Talks entry. Sharing her journey and partnering with Aisha Space, she seeks to renovate and expand, fostering positive change through education and connection. Join her in making a lasting impact!

Miss Universe Philippines Voice for Change 2023

Explore autism acceptance with Michelle Marquez Dee, Miss Universe Philippines 2023, in her Voice for Change entry. Witness the impact of her advocacy, breaking barriers for inclusivity, sustainable careers, and a diverse workforce.

Miss Universe Australia Voice for Change 2023

Moraya Wilson, Miss Universe Australia 2023, advocates for empowering girls through sports on CI Talks. Addressing challenges in female sports participation, Moraya proposes a collaboration with Miss Universe and CI Talks to create culturally inclusive activewear, fostering confidence and resilience for young athletes globally.

Miss Universe Aruba Voice for Change 2023

Explore Miss Universe Aruba Karol Croes' impactful journey as a child of divorce, now advocating for children's well-being. In this video, she addresses the emotional toll, risks, and the importance of co-parenting while sharing her triumphant story of resilience.

Miss Universe Argentina Yamile Dajud Voice for Change 2023

Yamile Dajud, Miss Universe Argentina, unveils "This Is Me," a transformative project combating preteen mental health struggles by promoting self-discovery and resilience. Join CI Talks in amplifying her impactful voice for positive change.

Miss Universe Angola Ana Bárbara Coimbra Voice for Change 2023

Ana Bárbara Coimbra, Miss Universe Angola 72nd delegate, tackles Angola's malnutrition crisis in her CI Talks entry. Her project at Jobab Ecological School empowers communities through natural agriculture, emphasizing the urgency for collective action to break the chains of hunger.

Miss Universe Albania Endi Demneri Voice for Change 2023

Endi Demneri, Miss Universe Albania 2023, shares a personal journey battling endometriosis in her CI Talks entry. Her empowering story transforms adversity into strength, urging women to speak out and seek support for this often silent struggle.

72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change

Unlocking Voices, Igniting Change: The Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change Web Series on CI Talks

Empowering Voices, Enabling Impact

Welcome to a transformative journey that transcends beauty norms, where the shimmering crowns embrace a purpose beyond glamour. The 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change web series on citalks.com invites you to witness the collective power of advocacy, compassion, and positive change.

Championing Causes, Sparking Solutions

In a groundbreaking collaboration between the Miss Universe Organization, Mouawad, and CI Talks, the Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change video contest emerges as a beacon of hope. Delegates from around the globe, each a harbinger of change, share their compelling video stories addressing social issues close to their hearts. From community concerns to global challenges, these stories align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, uniting diverse voices in a harmonious call for action.

Fred Mouawad's Vision: Beyond Beauty, Towards Impact

Fred Mouawad, Co-Guardian of Mouawad and Founder of CI Talks, envisions a world where beauty encompasses intelligence, integrity, and cultural richness. "We are thrilled to launch the Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change Video Contest," he states. This collaborative effort reflects a shared commitment to empower Miss Universe 2023 delegates as ambassadors of social issues, creating a brighter and more compassionate world through their voices and stories.

Two-Fold Objectives: Amplifying Voices, Showcasing Beauty

The Miss Universe 2023 video contest, presented by Mouawad and CI Talks, holds a dual purpose:

  1. Amplify Voices to Ignite Change: Delegates become advocates for positive change, contributing to a better world.
  2. Showcase Beauty in All Its Forms: Emphasizing intelligence, integrity, and culture, the contest redefines beauty beyond physical appearance.

Evaluation Criteria: A Roadmap to Impactful Advocacy

The submitted videos are evaluated on:

  • Compelling Case for the Cause: Clear and evidence-backed explanations of the chosen social issue.
  • Solution Quality: Assessment of the viability of solutions or ideas presented.
  • Message Delivery Quality: Engaging and appealing to the audience.
  • Memorability and Credibility: Impactful messaging that motivates action.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Innovative message presentation, in solutions or delivery.

The Journey Unfolds: From Delegates to Global Impact

As the Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change video contest progresses, the Preliminaries Competition in El Salvador will unveil ten Silver Finalists and three Gold Winners. Each Gold Winner, bestowed with a $12,000 cash prize from Mouawad and CI Talks, will collaborate in early 2024 to create targeted video campaigns addressing their chosen social issues or causes.

Tune In, Ignite Change

Join us on citalks.com as the Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change web series unfolds. Let these inspiring narratives awaken the changemaker within you. Together, we amplify voices, showcase beauty in diverse forms, and ignite a positive change that resonates globally.

Experience the beauty of impact, one voice at a time.

About: 72nd Miss Universe Voice for Change

Languages: English

Contributors: Mouawad 

Partners: Miss Universe Organization (MUO)