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Restaurant Owners and Chefs Breaking Boundaries in the Culinary World

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CI Talks has interviewed aspiring and experienced chefs from all over Thailand, including owners of many famous restaurants, including ones that have received awards from the Thailand Michelin Guide. Their interviews provide useful tips for building a successful restaurant for yourself. The CI Talks platform is easy-to-use and full of useful information, with valuable content that just keeps on coming.

Nothing is more enjoyable for chefs and food lovers than cooking in the kitchen and finding inspiration for themselves. Their love and obsession for cooking is what drives them to become successful in the food and drink industry.


Because Cooking is Not All About Skill

Many talented chefs have said that it’s not just about knowing or remembering the recipes when it comes to cooking something delicious. Creativity is also necessary to create the perfect menu. Furthermore, studying trends in the food industry and adapting to impress your customers is important as well. Creating positive energy and inspiration by doing something they love is a trait many renowned restaurant owners possess. When combined with experiences and skills, the chefs who dream of success eventually achieve their dreams.


Interviews and Success Tips for the Food Industry

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In addition, if you plan to open your own food and drink business, don’t miss out on the ideas and advice from these restaurant gurus, who will be sharing their experiences of opening restaurants, and business techniques that you will find very useful.