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We believe that every story has meaning and the ability to spark change in life. That includes those within the business field as well! Develop yourself and reach your goals with the help of our fascinating and useful content from celebrities, specialists, and successful business people of all ages, from all business fields. The creative content on the CI Talks platform in the Business category will help you to learn and grow.


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It doesn't matter if you dream of starting your own business, are new to business, or have an established business; inspiration is always important. Because learning new things is the path to making your dreams come true. Ideas from business people who have gone through both success and failure will provide you with valuable lessons, knowledge and inspiration. We have collected tips that can't be found elsewhere, which will help you to discover yourself and your true goals. Learn from the life lessons of coaches and specialists in the business field through exclusive interviews, and take their tips to help you adapt and be successful in building your own brand.


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For people to succeed, apart from specialized skills, they also need the inspiration to motivate themselves. CI Talks has collected helpful content that will spark motivation for those interested in business. Listen to the story behind the success of CEOs, past business experiences and ideas for brand building, and much more. Our inspirational speakers, coaches, and guests all have their own fascinating stories, ideas, and techniques to overcome obstacles. In addition, our coaches came from various fields and different generations, because we feel it's important to learn from a diverse group of people. Our goal is to spark the fire in the new generation and for them to start thinking outside the box and be their true selves.


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Find inspiration from CEOs and business owners that will spark your motivation and push you forwards on your path to success. Don't let time and place limit your creativity. Carry CI Talks with you wherever you go, via the website or application, for wonderful ideas and advice.