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Famous and Successful Artists

It's not easy to become well-known. Many celebrities often face problems and struggles before succeeding in getting recognized and becoming famous. CI Talks has interviewed many exceptional celebrities, as they share what made them successful and as well-known as they are today. Discover interviews from singers, talented actors, Thailand's leading drag queen, renowned dancers, personality development trainers, speakers and lecturers, producers, art creators, renowned architects and many others. Despite having different skills, knowledge, and experiences, they all have in common the inspiration and confidence that drove them to success.


Exclusive Celebrity Success Stories

Being celebrities and creators is never easy; being in the spotlight with a million pairs of eyes focusing on you. Every action, idea and word is dissected by society. But the resilience they built taught them never to give up when problems or obstacles arose, and that motivation was what drove them to become the successful artists they are today. This determination, combined with experiences gained from the entertainment industry, inspired them to continue to create quality works.


Special Celebrity Interviews at CI Talks

Watch interviews with celebrities from the entertainment industry, including artists from various fields such as the arts, music, and TV. These videos were created to inspire those who dream of making it in the entertainment industry and other industries, whether in front of the camera or behind it. These pieces of celebrity "Edutainment" allow the celebrities to tell their stories in the form of videos and impart important information, knowledge and stories that everyone can access anywhere and at any time, for free.