Making Sustainability Sexy

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Making Sustainability Sexy

Video TalkMay 18, 202274 Views10 m 55 s

Watch Making Sustainability Sexy with Thai-Swedish beauty pageant titleholder Maria Poonlertlarp on CI Talks and be inspired to live a sustainable life. Join Maria on her conservation quest by becoming eco friendly and taking care of nature to make the world better.


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Making Sustainability Sexy

Making Sustainability Sexy with Maria Poonlertlarp.

Maria Lynn Poonlertlarp

Maria Lynn Poonlertlarp

Our HostMaking Sustainability Sexy
Thai-Swedish beauty pageant titleholder Maria Lynn Poonlertlarp was crowned Miss Universe Thailand in 2017. She is co-founder of social enterprise S.O.S. Earth, an Ambassador for Food Systems and sharks for WildAid. Read her biography and join Maria on her path to sustainability.