Sex, sex, sex.

What do you think of when you hear "sex"?

“I'm Embarrassed ...”
“Porn ...”
“It's private. Don't talk about it ...”
“It's taboo ...”
“It's Immoral ...”

Hi, guys!
Hello, I am Ticha Kanticha Chumma.


Today, we're gonna talk about sex education.

Sex Education

Many people think that sex education is about "sex" only. Actually, sex education involves many different topics about sexuality, such as Reproduction, Identity, Sexual Orientation, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Contraception, Pregnancy, Consent, and Relationships.

All these are related to sex education, it's not just about sexual intercourse. It's a very broad subject.

My Experience of Sex Education

I was raised in Sweden from the age of 7 and that is where I was taught sex education. The way they taught it in class presented the subject in a way that we could take it in gradually. Kids understood and went "Yeah. Uhha.".

So when we came back to the subject as teenagers, there were no big surprises for us, and it wasn’t at all embarrassing. When we talked about sex in class, it was like, "Whoa, it's so exciting". It wasn't anything to be ashamed of, like, "why are you talking about this?" No. Because it's like we've been introduced to the subject bit by bit already.

When I came back to Thailand, I had to learn like, I had to remember the terms. I remember sex education was taught as a Physical Education subject. Back in Thailand, I worked hard in class because I like sex stuff since I was a kid. Yeah, this is the truth!

And I got the highest score, so proud. But a friend came and said "Highest score in sex education? You think about sex all day, don't you?"

Am I wrong? Getting high scores in sex education. Is it embarrassing getting high scores? ฺBack then I didn't know if it was good or bad. But now that I've grown up, I know that she must have been told by her family not to talk about sex because it's embarrassing, not something to be good at and not something to be proud of.

Why would anyone be proud to know about sex, to know that this thing is called a penis?

I'm a Sex Guru

Now I make YouTube videos on sex education because I'm really into it. I feel I can present it in a fun way, and share my knowledge.

The knowledge I have has saved me a lot, really because I don’t always conform. If I hadn't learned how to protect myself, I don't know what would have happened to me!

5 Benefits of Sex Education

Now that we have some understanding of what sex education means, today, in CI Talks, I want to share 5 benefits of sex education.

Knowing How To Be Safe

First, sex education can help us build safety options. How? Sex education teaches us about proper protection to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs such as condoms which can prevent both. Condoms protect you from STDs and prevent pregnancy.

Other contraceptive methods prevent pregnancy but not STDs. For girls under the age of 20, the contraceptive implant or IUD are free.

Feel free to go search for the information.

Understanding Yourself & Others

Sex education turns us from being good to great. How can it make us good boys and girls? If we don't learn about sex education, we won't know what is right and what is wrong or about the invisible boundaries that exist.

For example, a boy may think it’s OK to lift up a girl’s skirt to see her underwear. But no, you don't do that! Boys must understand that they cannot do that because it makes the girl feel terrible. They may be shy or whatever. It's just not the right thing to do.

If you want to be physically intimate with someone, you have to ask first. Tadaa! Sex education teaches you about this, so that we can all be good boys and girls.

Respect For Your Body

Third, when we know about sex education, we can say "yes" or "no" with confidence.

People have excuses. Women say "I have my period", which is the easiest. But this is what I want you to say. "Hey, I like kissing you now, but I'm not ready to go further today.".

If he loves us, respects us, he will be okay with that. Trust me. If you think this guy is the be all and end all and that if you say "no", he will dump you, well, there are plenty more dicks in the world.

Embracing Diversity

The next one. Sex education helps us to understand each other's differences and reduce social stigmas. For example, “sexual orientation”.

If we know that "Yeah, this is normal", we won't judge them or treat them differently. Instead, we will use words more carefully because for some reason it may be sensitive.

If we don't know about sex education, although we don't mean it, some things we say can be insulting. Knowing and understanding more makes us more conscious and compassionate.

Sex Education & Morality

The last one. Sex education helps to preserve morality. Huh, surprised?

Some think that if we talk openly about sex, it will undermine morality. People like to think "Oops, is it possible?" Can sex help preserve moral principles? Well yes, it can and it does.

If we know about sex education and how to respect other people, it reduces rape cases, and things like sexual harrassment. Because we know right from wrong. Abortions and unwanted pregnancy, because we control it and protect ourselves.

I said "cases can be reduced", not erased. But it can be reduced with sex education.

5 Reasons Why Sex Education is Important

Let me conclude, sex education is good!

If we know and understand it, we can treat ourselves and each other right. We can prevent bad things from happening, and we can reduce social stigmas as well.

Don't be shy to talk about sex. Sex Education is good!


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