GameFi Crypto or crypto gaming is also called “Play-to-Earn”. It's a new concept that will transform the gaming world beyond recognition.

What is Play to Earn?

There will be new models similar to Play to Earn; Exercise to Earn, Listen to Earn, and even Learn to Earn. GameFi Crypto will revolutionise the education and music industry, film industry, entertainment industry, game industry, even influencers, and change them forever.

It will be done based on blockchain technology, using a technology within that is called the Non Fungible Token or NFT, which is made available to you and me via blockchain technology.

We will have a "Game Item" (Game Token). We can exchange a Game Item across servers. Users can own a Game Item but no-one owns the server with blockchain.

We can trade Game Items (Game Tokens) across servers. Then the Real Sector will have convergence. The application of digital technology allows us to apply NFTs into the Real Sector, to increase foot traffic and increase sales in exchange for intangible customer value.

Play and Earn Crypto

For example, if a customer wants a sword to win a game, but can't buy it in the game they may need to spend more than THB 1,500 at "x" restaurant to get that game item or to earn the game token. It's a way to increase foot traffic in malls, shops, hotels and more.

This is a new capability that will change the entertainment, gaming, music and fitness industry sectors, as well as many more, including the education sector. By next year, GameFi will boom for sure. It will change many sectors and cross platform interactions, including between the real sector and digital economy. It will be an omni channel.

The bigger the change in the world, the greater the opportunities.

A Global Transformational Shift

I want you to be open-minded. When you understand the world's new rules, the odds of you being successful are much greater. Be aware of the global transformational shift before other people, before the mainstream. The opportunities will be huge.

We must know the direction of the transformational shift, where it is heading. You need to be aware of the direction of the wind, and not try to go against the wind. If you follow the wind, then there are many opportunities for each of us to fly.

Be Open Minded, Take Action & Grow

I encourage you to continue to learn, to be open minded and to take action and grow. People who understand and adopt new technologies first (early adopters) will gain first and grow. It's true for every generation.

Thank you everyone.

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