3 Million Video Views Inspire Fred Mouawad & Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin, Co-founders of CI Talks, to Talk Business.

Fred: Hi Fahsai

Fahsai: Hi Fred

Fred: We launched CI Talks in February of 2021, which was only three months ago, and so much has happened since, how well do you think we're doing?

Fahsai: Well, Fred. Let's look at our objectives. So
1) We wanted to launch videos, showcasing different celebrities and experts, sharing their experiences to inspire our viewers to take action and grow.
2) Our goal was for our videos to be entertaining, inspiring and have practical key takeaways, and We wanted our videos to make a positive impact and be seen by a large audience.
3) That's why we decided to offer our videos to be viewed for free.

Fred: Well stated Fahsai. Let's review some data about our performance to date. We launched seven video talks with four different celebrities.

  1. Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin, CI Talks Co-Founder, Fear of Failure, Cyberbully Ep. 1 & Ep. 2
  2. Mew Suppasit, Actor & Artist, The Path to Becoming a Professional Actor & Artist
  3. Pan Pan Narkprasert (Pangina Heals), Drag Queen, What it means to be a Drag Queen
  4. Maneemejai, Photographer, The Joy of a Career in Photography


Fred: Wow!


Fahsai: Uh-huh ... Let's make it fun. Doing this.

[Fahsai and Fred laugh]

Fahsai: That's too much

[both laugh]

Fred: Okay … Yo Fahsai! It's now my turn.

[Fred Snaps Finger]

Fred: My name is Fred Mouawad, AKA FM. Yo, what's up?

Fahsai: [Gasp] Oh my God! I've never seen you like this before. Very cool. Nice



Fahsai: Woah

Fred: Yeah


Fahsai: Yah, yo, FM in the house.

[More laughing]

Fahsai: Well you definitely surprised me in that look, AKA FM.


Fred: We had a total of 3 million views of our videos across different channels, including Facebook Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and our own website CI talks.com. 60% of our audience was in Thailand and the rest was Global. 90% of our viewers are aged 18 to 34 which is our target audience. It's the age adults are most susceptible to learning.

Fahsai: The results are very encouraging, but what motivates me even more is the impact that we're making on our audience. Let's listen to some feedback:

Testimonial #1: I watched CI Talks and I felt inspired by successful people. Mew's talk was packed with insights and ideas based on his mindset, for me to take in and apply the key ideas to my life.

Testimonial #2: Every episode of CI Talks is inspiring. The one I like the most is Pan Pan's talk, because he is committed to being the best version of himself, which makes me think that everyone can be the best version of themselves like him.

Testimonial #3: The feeling I get when I watch CI Talks is I like that every clip has key takeaways. After telling their life story, they will summarize five lessons they've learned in life.

Fred: That's also what truly motivates me. We're on a mission and seeing the acceptance and the initial impact of our videos and the case that there's still so much more potential to grow. So, what is next for us Fahsai?

Fahsai: Well, we have many more coaches lined up from our Bangkok Studios and even though our coaches come from different fields, but what they all have in common is being successful at what they're doing. But their Journey wasn't very easy. When our coaches, they share their experiences and their Journeys, their stories, most of the time it includes adversity and hardship. But with determination, perseverance and action, that's what eventually led them to success. Hopefully, by sharing their stories, our audience will continue to be inspired.

Fahsai: Fred, should we also talk about our International expansion which is part of our strategy for increasing our social impact?

Fred: Growing an organization is a challenge, but one that I very much enjoy and have experience in. We want to actually expand CI talks to many corners around the world. You will Be seeing a video from Jakarta, Indonesia and another one from Beirut in Lebanon for the Middle East Market. These are very carefully crafted strategies and what we plan to do is build capabilities and build our Management Systems, so we can expand to many more countries around the world.

Fred: But we also need to build the technology platform that will enable us to scale our videos and also have advertisers. Do you want to tell us a little bit more about our technology?

Fahsai: Definitely. So we're currently building a platform that will enable our viewers to search and view our videos on our mobile app, as well as on any browser. For the first time ever, advertisers will be able to put their ads in our videos, on our website and in our email campaigns. And soon, we'll be talking to companies who are interested in reaching young professionals, who are keen on learning and improving themselves.

Fred: I'm thrilled by the potential of building an ad-supported video-on-demand platform. To cover our expenses and continue creating videos, we need a strong base of advertisers who share in our vision of wanting to make the world better through learning and expanding perspectives. I very much look forward to our next phase of evolution. And to do this, we will need support for multiple stakeholders, from viewers, coaches and corporations.

Fahsai: Talking about stakeholders. For those of you watching this video, if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, please visit our website at CI talks.com and sign up for free. For those of you who have already viewed our talks on social media, please Subscribe, Follow us, press like, share a video, or leave a comment under our talks.

Fred: I'm Fred Mouawad

Fahsai: And I'm Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin.

Fred & Fahsai: This is CI Talks

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