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November 13, 2021

Image: Nong Chat Simple Makeup Tutorial CI Talks

For me, makeup is a way to bring out a distinctive beauty and turn it into unique glamor. Makeup makes you look better. It's not limited to a particular gender, it's for everyone. People often ask me what type of makeup will make them pretty and my answer is whatever makeup makes you feel more confident. That is what is pretty for me.

I'm Nong Chat, Chatchai Peangapichart.
A Professional Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Line Founder.

Professional Makeup Artist

On CI Talks today, I will give you a makeup tutorial for ladies and anyone who thinks that makeup is difficult.

5 Makeup Techniques to Boost Self Confidence

If you are looking for makeup techniques, I have 5 tips today for you to practice which will help you become a better makeup artist or simply to use in your day-to-day life.

Find the Right Approach and Style

First, let's look at how to begin your makeup process. The easy way is to find inspiration or a role model, who you want to be like. But you need to think about the structure of your face and your skin color. Then you will know how close you can get to your role model. This is the first step to self love and making you feel good about yourself.

Know Your Own Beauty

Second, know the distinct features of your face so you know what to enhance or hide. I believe we all have our own strengths, weaknesses and genetic traits. These are what make each of us different; the shape of your face, your skin colour, or even skin type (oily, dry or mixed skin).

Our model today has a well defined facial structure. See here, she has prominent eyebrows. So we will bring these out, but mask any flaws on her face to make her even more beautiful. Don't forget that everyone has their own version of beauty. It's vital. Only you know your own beauty style.

Choose Equipment that's Necessary

Third, choose equipment that's necessary. So many people ask me what equipment they need to do makeup properly and, as a makeup artist, I always reply that they need "everything".

But honestly, if I were to advise what you need, it would depend on your lifestyle and career. For students, you may only need lip balm, chapstick and powder, because you are still a student. The core items I would recommend are skin care products, foundation powder, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, blush on and lipstick. You should have all these at home for your daily makeup routine.

Applying Makeup Properly

Fourth, there are secrets to applying makeup. Let me share some of them with you. The first step is to prepare your skin. Don't forget that each person is different. So how you care for your skin is crucial. And now you will ask how to start.

Step 1: Skin Preparation

Start with the Fluid Products: Mineral Water, Serum,
Moisturiser, Sun Screen, Makeup Base, Concealer & Foundation.

First step, apply the more fluid products like mineral water and serum. We use these to start our skin care regime. Then we go on to moisturiser, sun screen, and, for some, a makeup base. Go through these step by step.

Once you have applied the makeup base, then apply concealer and foundation. Now, how to choose the right concealer?

Hot Tips

Choose the Right Concealer for Your Skin Tone. DO Test the pigment on an area close to your face (i.e. your neck). DON'T Test the pigment on the back of your hand.
Choice of Concealer: 1 shade brighter than your skin tone.
Concealing Dark Under-Eye Spots: Use concealers with pink pigments.

An easy technique is to do a swatch or pigment test on skin near your face. Some people use the back of their hand which isn't right because your hand and face are too far apart.

Choose a concealer, that is one shade brighter than your skin tone. For those with dark under-eye spots, use concealer with a pink tone. The pink pigment helps cover dark ones.

To add more dimension to your makeup, use two shades of powder. Lighter at the centre, getting darker as you move out.

Step 2: Applying Pigments

The second step is to apply pigments. With some people, pigments just don't stick no matter how hard you try. Here is the trick. During makeup, the eye shadow or blush on pigments disappear after the 2nd or 3rd time applying them on your face.

Step 2: Add More Eye Shadow or Blush On to your Brush

To keep your makeup fresh, use the same brush and keep refilling the products like eye shadows or blushes regularly. This will keep the pigments prominent.

Step 3: Taking Care of Your Makeup During the Day

The third step is caring for your makeup during the day. What to do if you are in the heat, or active and how to clean up. Today, I have some tips for you.

The trick for wiping out sweat or cosmetics is the sides of the nose must not be oily. If they are oily, even though other parts are fine, your face will look oily. This is important when you are outside. The heat raises your body temperature. Don't use facial blotting paper or tissue to clean your face as cosmetics may come out with the heat. Cool down in the shade, then use blotting or tissue paper.

If you want your lipstick to last through the day, I'd recommend bringing lipstick with you in your bag. Light and dark lipsticks are different. Darker lipsticks (reds) are longer lasting. If you want to make your lips look fresh, use small cleansing paper or wet tissue to wipe your lips, then reapply lipstick. Your face will look fresh throughout the day.

Step 3: Keeping Makeup Fresh Throughout the Day

  • The Sides of your Nose Mustn't be Oily.
  • Don't Use Blotting Paper if Your Face is Hot. Gently Use Blotting Paper When Your Body Temperature is Normal.
  • Carry Light-Colored Lipstick to Apply Through the Day.
  • Clean-up with Moist Paper, then Reapply Lipstick for a Fresh Look.

You see our model today, once the makeup is complete, her face looks more fresh with a better complexion.

Keep Improving Your Makeup Skills

Fifth, you can turn makeup into a career. In some cases, your prospects will improve when you look good, have a good personality and have self confidence. Makeup helps you feel more confident, which can present new career opportunities. I want to say that makeup can be important in various career fields. For instance, influencers can use my makeup tips to make better content.

Those in retail can also learn to makeup nicely for "Live" sales. To become a Makeup Artist, you can build on my techniques today to further your career opportunities.

Finally, I want to tell you all to bring out the distinct features of yourself, following the concepts I have given. That is how to turn distinctive beauty into unique glamor.

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