We’re going to talk about the effects on those who are cyber-bullied and how we should handle it.

What should we do, if we are cyber-bullied?

Cyber-bullying can happen to anyone at anytime. Since it’s about sharing information; it’s just typing anything online, repeatedly, on and on. It affects people differently. Mentally, emotionally… or even physically.

If you’re at work, you might feel insecure when you work. If you're a student, you might feel like you don’t want to go to school, not wanting to talk to your friends, affecting your study. You don't want to study or do anything at all.

The severe consequence of cyber-bullying is depression, loss of identity, being stressed and pressured, which makes you feel like you don’t want to live in this world anymore. You’re not happy with your life anymore. It can lead to the victim committing suicide.

If you're cyber-bullied, what should you do to avoid being victimized and its threat?

Ways to handle cyber-bullying

From my experience, I’ve got five solutions.

The first one is 'to ignore'. You just don't take it. For me, there’s one sentence I always say, “No one can make you feel inferior, unless you allow them to.” No one can make you feel bad, unless you allow them to do so.

The second solution is 'to respond'. You just respond to them but not in a sarcastic or scolding way. For me, from what I've experienced, there was this one person who posted false information. He said when I was attending an event, the design team had prepared me several dresses, but I couldn't wear them except this one dress. So, I replied, respectfully. I said, "actually, the design team had prepared a dress for me. It was the first and only dress and I could wear it. If you'd been there, you would've seen that the dress is in fact loose." And I sent the message with a smiley. It wasn't sarcasm. It wasn't criticism. I only wanted to inform him of the fact. It was quite an evidence-based correction.

For me, I think if you want to respond, you can do it in a respectful manner.

The third one is 'to block & report'.

I mean when you find a message disturbing, you can block the person who wrote it. And you can report him/her whether to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Anywhere you like.

The fourth one is 'to take legal actions', or letting the laws do the job.

I once found a lot of false information about myself, which defamed me. If you're experiencing this, I suggest you take a screenshot of what the person has posted that defames you and report to TCSD.

If it's on Facebook, they'll ask for the profile. Not just the image and name, but also the link to that profile. Then you bring these two info, along with the time of incident, to report to TCSD.

And the fifth solution is 'to talk about it'.

You can talk about this with someone close to you, someone who loves you, who's ready to listen to you. For any children or youths, who are experiencing cyber-bullying, I suggest you talk to someone you trust, whether your close friends, siblings, or parents.

For me, I don't think it's our fault to be cyber-bullied. Once you're ready, there're people who are ready to listen to you. So, don't keep it to yourselves. If you can say it, people are ready to listen.

Now we know how much cyber-bullying affects other people. I believe we're now more aware of it and we'll think before we post in order to effectively minimize cyber-bullying in Thai society.