Plants give you more than the joy of growing them. They provide happiness and wellbeing, and can also be a source of significant income.


On CI Talks today, I will share my story of being a garden designer with gardening tips to help you develop your gardening skills. I am Sirivit Riubamrung, a garden designer and plant lover.

Sirivit Riubamrung

Garden Designer

Nowadays city people long for nature. We bring nature to us, keeping plants inside our homes and offices. You may start with little planting space but one day, when you have a family, your garden may grow, adding green spaces. This is a good starting point for youngsters.

Why Are Plants Important?

Plants are like good friends who always bring us joy and happiness. They're friends that we have to take care of.

Becoming a Gardener

I'm not a graduate in landscape architecture. I haven't got any academic background but I grew up in a family of agriculturalists, surrounded by plants so I'm attached to them. From a very young age, I've seen my family gardening. I'm happy with plants.

When I go to Bangkok, I always yearn for and want to come home. It comforts me. And I feel that this is my perfect life. The real beginning of my life as a gardener was when my big sister came back from abroad and opened a language school, renovating our house in the process. Our private space then became an open space for language and arts learning for kids.

So I started gardening to make the open space memorable for visitors. I was empowered and very passionate. I then opened a shop called "Little Tree" for anyone who wanted to look at plants. It gradually became a cafe, which was featured in a magazine. So more people have seen our work, allowing me to continue.

Garden Design Style

I survey the site, design and arrange myself. Sometimes I don't even have a plan. But if clients are serious about having it, I will write up plans and ideas. My style isn't to comply strictly with the brief. If it says 100 trees for 1 sq.m., I don't just put 100 trees in. I grew up with nature, I know the feeling of nature.

Nothing is perfect. You can't arrange plants in equidistant or shapes. I'm very detailed in selecting trees to plant or arrange in a garden. I'm not saying all plants have to be new. I select trees that may have been forgotten. Old trees that no one cares about, not sold in markets. I revive and give them value.

5 Tips to Begin Gardening Your Way

I will share 5 tips from my experience of planting and gardening that will change your life.

Get Knowledgeable About Plants

First, how to start.

There are a few factors that determine whether your plants will live. They are light, water and soil. Each tree or plant requires different amounts of light and water, and different types of soil.

So, before you plant something, you need to know the location. You need to understand the nature. These are things that are often overlooked by people who haven't got planting experience.

Grow Plants For Benefit

Second, plant trees with many benefits.

Decorative plants that are also edible like rosemary, thyme, oregano and mint should be put near windows or somewhere with light. That's a good thing about herbs. If you grow them yourself, you're safe from pesticides and chemicals.

Don't think that herbs can't be used to decorate. If you arrange them well, you can make your kitchen really beautiful.

3. Plan Your Gardening System

Third, prepare well.

You'll need to think about light, type and size of plants. Size is important. Containers or pots are crucial too. So you may want to have a space for seedlings and sprouts. Then you rotate your plants. Plants may be on display for a week. Then you replace them with new plants and bring those that were on display back to get some sunlight.

You need to be careful about the space for sunlight as it needs to be soft light. Harsh sunlight can damage your plants, burning and killing them.

4. Realise Why Plants Are Important

Fourth, planting is an art form.

It can heal our physical and mental health. Nature and plants provide you with beauty in all the five senses.

Sight comes from leaves, flowers and stems. It depends on the type of plants too. Scent comes from the smell of flowers. Each plant has a different taste. Some are bitter, with medicinal quality. Some are sweet and sour. Nature is perfect in its own way. You will have to choose how you use it, to suit you. In terms of sound, you hear the wind, the friction of leaves, a whisper from nature.

Happiness, emotion and senses depend on how you receive them. Doing so, you will feel closer to nature.

5. Turn Your Passion into a Career

Fifth, turning a hobby into a career. You see a lot these days. I admire the new generation who have made business out of growing plants. Who would've thought plants worth hundreds of baht are now worth hundreds of thousand Baht.

Syngonium that was sold for 25 baht is now in thousands. So I'm happy for the new generation. They're smart in their marketing skills. Prices can't be just made up but social media creates more demand. When people see nice photos or arrangements, they will buy.

Do what you like and take it seriously. One day, success will come to you.

5 Tips to Begin Gardening Your Way

  • Get Knowledgeable About Plants
  • Grow Plants For Benefit
  • Plan Your Gardening System
  • Realise Why Plants Are Important
  • Turn Your Passion into a Career

Growing plants increases your happiness, No matter the purpose. You can grow plants for decoration, food, or therapy. I want the young generation to be brave in pursuing their goals. Have fun with it, be it a hobby or a career. Happiness is tangible. And plants bring happiness to you.