Welcome to CI Talks. Find the script from “Fred & Fahsai Present CI Talks” below which was released on 3 March 2021. Intended as a video press release, the co-founders (Fred Mouawad and Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin) define the “what”, “where”, “who”, “when” and “why” (the 5 “W’s”) that form the backbone of CI Talks. We hope you enjoy reading.

Fred & Fahsai Present CI Talks – The Script

Fahsai: Yeah, I’ve got to admit that every morning when I wake up the first thing that I always do is just to grab my phone and no matter where I go I always have at least two devices with me at all times, so I agree, more and more people are now relying on technology and especially now during the pandemic, our lives have changed drastically, one of them being the education system where the majority of students are now learning online.

Fred: Absolutely Fahsai, I could not agree more. The pandemic has changed many things in life, including the traditional school system and yet technology has enabled us to make so many advancements. But I think the challenge we have is how we consume all that content in a responsible way.

Fahsai: Yeah right, there’s a lot of information and content out there that we don’t know which one is real, we don’t know which ones fake or which ones trustworthy and there’s a lot of people who want to learn but in an effective and entertaining way from those that they can look up to and those that they trust. Fred, I know that you care a lot about education and personal growth as you are a mentor yourself.

Fred: I very much care about education. I’m a learner by nature and I had the privilege of attending some of the finest business schools in the world, from Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD. I am also a YPO Member which is a leadership organization with a mission of making leaders better through lifelong learning and idea exchange. I’ve had many mentors along the way. I’ve learned a lot from them but that’s also what put me in a position today where I can also contribute to the growth of other people. The opportunity I now see is how to democratize that learning; how can we reach more people, young people, with mind-shifting content that will inspire them to take action and grow.

Fahsai: I agree. I love the idea of inspiring growth through insights. In fact, before CI Talks I opened an academy with a similar concept in mind. I wanted to empower and inspire younger people to become the best version of themselves and my courses helped! Students gave me feedback; they said that they weren’t as lost anymore, they were happy that they were able to rediscover their strengths. They updated me with better school results and they thanked me for helping them to believe in themselves again. Their change was amazing but unfortunately my academy is only known to a small group of people so by us joining forces, we can increase our impact as well as bring more celebrities and experts involved as well and we can produce a lot of content on various topics so we can inspire people to grow, take action and realize their dreams.

Fred: I thought you would be an ideal partner for this social enterprise. I could sense your ambition and natural instinct of wanting to make a positive impact on the people around you and I’m delighted we are jump starting this venture together.

Fahsai: I’m super excited as well especially to see the feedback on each talk, speaking of which … What did you think about our launch, the first teaser? Did you like it?

Fred: I did, especially when you snapped your finger and the scene changed, like this.

Fred clicks fingers. His clothing changes to business attire. Fred clicks his fingers again and his clothing changes to bicycle wear with his bicycle in foreground. A “Woah” sound byte in the background. Fred clicks his fingers again and returns to his original “smart casual” appearance.

Fahsai: Wow! That was perfect and you even had a bike (laughs). So, a lot of people have been asking about what “CI” or “Catalytic Inspiration” is. So, catalytic, or catalyst, is something, or in this case, someone, who causes or speeds up a change.

Fred: Absolutely! We want to provide content that ignites “Growth” and we want that content to be delivered by experts and celebrities. Our goal is to provide them with a platform where they can deliver their message with impact.

Fahsai: And on CI Talks, our experts will be referred to as “Coaches”. We want their stories, experiences and insights to be heard and to create a positive change in our viewers; a change where they can grow and become a better version of themselves, a version that they wanna be and, in turn, they can use this knowledge to create a positive impact on the lives of those around them as well.

Fred: A very noble cause that will require that we innovate along the way. The challenge is in creating engaging content, one that is grounded in scientific research and includes stories of actual people who have faced challenges. What inspires me the most is the potential the platform has to touch the hearts and minds of young people, to help them become a better version of themselves. The more people we can touch, the more likely we’ll play a role in making the world better.

Fahsai: I agree. I believe that with CI Talks we are making the world better one video, or rather one talk, at a time. We have the opportunity to touch the lives of many people, whether it’s through cinematic, pre-recorded video talks or later, when we start launching our virtual, interactive workshops.

Fred: We’re of course not doing this alone. We’re hiring talented individuals to help us achieve our cause and we’re also in touch with celebrities from around the world to encourage them to get in touch with us so they can share their wisdom and insights. To build a sustainable business, we’ll also seek sponsors. So any corporation out there that’s interested, please get in touch with us. We need you and only with your help can we catalyze the growth of people. By working together we can catalyze more people through inspiration.

Fahsai: If you have any questions or would like more information on CI Talks, or if you want to become a member of the CI Talks Club, please visit our website at www.citalks.com where you’ll find plenty of free content to help you on your journey of growth and positive impact. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel, CiTalks.

Fred: I’m Fred Mouawad

Fahsai: And I’m Fahsai Paweensuda Drouin

Fred & Fahsai: Welcome to CI Talks