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October 31, 2021

Image: Mew Suppasit on Becoming an Actor & Artist CI Talks

Many people might think that a career in acting is very easy “Will you marry me?” But the truth is, an acting career is much more than just ‘role play.’

Hello everyone, I’m Mew Suppasit.

Today, I’m going to share my story and experiences, about the path to becoming a professional actor and artist. In English, being an "actor" is defined as "acting". However, in Thai, acting has a negative connotation. It can make one think, "Oh, it’s not real, it’s just a performance.” But the truth is, acting is doing, becoming the character that you are given.

In the 11 years that I’ve been in this industry, other than taking acting classes, there’s a lot more to it that you don’t know. The experiences that I’ve gained, the mistakes that I’ve learned from, as well as things that I’ve done to improve.

The question that I get asked most often is “What is mindset?” Mindset is a way of thinking or your perspective regarding a topic or situation.

For an actor or artist, I feel that their mindset is very important. They need to constantly improve themselves, always willing to learn, ready to be creative, look for ways to increase their quality of acting, improve their old skills and learn new ones. All of this, is so their fans can view the best works possible.

One of the trending words right now is ‘Growth Mindset.’ It is progressive thinking. For example, when you face a problem, you don’t look at it as a problem, but as a challenge. You are not a full glass, or sometimes when you think your glass is full, just empty the contents into a bigger container and you will no longer be a full glass. This leaves room for more knowledge to enter.

I feel that an artist is a creator of works. So, if you keep improving your work, you are doing your job as an artist. I believe that people can survive on their own ability.

Based on my 11 years of of experience as an actor and artist, I have 5 key points to tell everyone.

Number 1, observe and be open minded.

I can tell you that these points are very important to being an actor. in order to act a certain role or portray various characters you will need to know the details of that character.

You will need to act and become someone who is different from who you truly are. Therefore, being open minded is very important. An actor has to be open minded. If not, and we have some kind of prejudice towards the character, or towards ourselves or the people around us, it will block us from seeing that character’s reality.

So, observation and open-mindedness are very important. They make us better understand our own feelings, and other things as well.

Number 2, this is also very important. Be conscious, be present.

It is living in the present. When you live a normal life, you are your true self. We know who we’re talking to, what we’re doing, whose face we’re looking at, how we feel towards that person, and our feeling is like. These are the things that we have to use for acting too. Living in the present, like what I said before, is actually being conscious.

Number 3, Study your role.

When we receive the script, what an actor should do is to study their role outside the script. That’s because sometimes we may have to act as a 25 year old character, but we don’t know what that character has been through in the past 25 years. Sometimes we’re not told what his family is like.

These are things that we have to do, our homework. We have to study how he’s been brought up and in what kind of family, what his family’s like, what he’s been through, what complexes he has in the past that results in the present complex. These are details that, the more you know, the easier it’ll be for your acting.

When you get in the scene, you’ll immediately get into character because you’ll have all the details in your head. It’s a memory that you created for this certain character, and you’ll be able to link it with the words in your head easily. The most important thing is the general detail. If everyone can practice this, it’ll definitely help in your acting career.

These are things that you can do as homework, and you can discuss it with the director. Then it’ll enable you to create a much more detailed character. Once you hear the word ‘action’, you can jump into that character very easily.

Number 4, dare to ask questions.

I had a chance to be a TA, a teaching assistant. So I have seen that many times, students don’t dare to ask questions. I told them, please ask, because it’ll help when you’re in doubt about anything. After asking, it’d make things very clear and you’ll know the answers to your questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. So if you have any questions, please do ask.

Number 5, the last one, is my motto since I was young. “When there’s a will, there’s a way”.

The trick is to put an effort in the right direction. It will help us reach the goal faster. Everybody has his or her own way of achieving a goal, it’s not the same for everyone. You have to find a way that matches you best, so that you’d reach your goal successfully and quickly.

The things that I’ve shared with you, both my experiences and all the tips, I’d like everyone to try it. Try listing what are the things that you have to do. Sometimes, when you make the list, and you finally reach your goal, it really fulfills something within you. I’d also like you to try thanking yourself for getting through everything until today.

Lastly, who is always with you? Of course, the one who has always been with you since you were born is yourself. I can tell you that if you thank yourself, you’ll have a very good night sleep, and you’ll also see how much you have improved, how much you have grown.

I hope that this will be beneficial to you all.

See you!





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