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November 17, 2021

Image: TWOPEE Hip Hop Artist Script

HIP HOP changed my life and also gave my life direction. It is responsible for allowing me to discover what I like and the passions I have. Through hip hop culture, I learn more about myself. It's like knowing what to wear and how to walk. It's a compass that determines everything in my life.

Entering the World of Hip Hop

I am from Phuket. Born and raised on the island from kindergarten to year 9. Then I came to Bangkok to study and work on music. In primary school, I did activities like running and other sports. I got into all activities on offer. Some way, somehow, I was introduced to skateboarding. It was like entering a new world. I met people who were into extreme sports, who liked the same type of music. There were people into fashion, hip hop, graffiti, anything really. I got inspired then. It was like wow, this is Rap and that is hip hop. I have been into it ever since.

Underground Hip Hop Thailand

I had a friend who did wakeboarding with me every week. Freddy was also a Southside. Then I got to know Chin Chinawut, who was famous. It really allowed me to meet like-minded friends. Then we started working on music together. We talked about Hip Hop and found that we were all into it.

So we decided to try. That was fun. It's like having friends on the same journey. Friends who enjoy the same thing. We were friends with those from Southside Phuket as well as friends from other areas.

We set up Southside Phuket. There were various types of hip hop then. Unlike today with YouTube, we had to try to sell our music, making our own CDs and covers. We sold them at Fat Festival in Bangkok, where we met the Thaitanium Band. We also tried to sell our music to them. They were supportive of us who were doing hip hop. They were our customers.

The Thaitanium Band had a concert in Phuket. At the time, Freddy and I had just done our first song, right that evening. We went to see Thaitanium backstage. We cheekily asked if we could do our song as an opening for them. It was our unforgettable debut.

Hip Hop Rising Stars

One day, Thaitanium wanted to recruit new members. They saw us quite a few times including our cheeky request in Phuket. They remembered us and invited us to make music together.

The first album we did with Thaitanium was "Welcome to the South", welcome to the Southside style. That was our official debut. The distinctive feature of Southside was the aggression similar to the Southside style in the West. This was trendy at the time.

The rhythm is rather bouncy. It's something called "Trap" in today's world. It's bouncy with fun and frequent rhythm. This differentiated us from other bands. Here we were, aggressively singing in Southern accents. It was rare and unique.

How Do Rappers Find Inspiration?

To become a rapper, I think you need to be quite observant. When we write rap lyrics, you need details and in-depth meaning, more than other types of songs.

For me, I look for inspiration from going places. It could be just walking from my house to a convenient store. Because when I see, touch, move and meet people, I'll be inspired that I am living a life.

How Hip Hop Changed My Life

It has given me a feeling of wanting to fight, to compete with myself, to continue improving, to become better, and to prove myself. This is what hip hop taught me and how it changed me.

Can Hip Hop Change Society?

Yes it can! Hip hop is a music genre. It's a culture that embodies the fighting spirit of survivors; individuals who compete with themselves and with society. Hip hop is about dreams, confidence and the need to prove yourself.

Follow your Dreams and Don't Stop

5 Ways to Become a Hip Hop Artist

I have five keys for anyone who wants to be a rapper or who is into hip hop. These are my own thoughts and ideas that I have been using and I want to share with you.

1. Find Your Hip Hop Style

First is to find your own style. It could be your identity or your passion that you can apply and adapt, or make yourself stand out. It can be your music style, image, voice, or design. These can be your strengths that make your identity outstanding.

2. Be The Best Version of Yourself

Second is to be the best version of yourself. Whatever you do, do your best. Be it practice, discipline or commitment. Go all out for it.

At least you need to be satisfied with yourself. Actually, you should practice until you are used to it. Then you will be more confident. And what follows is you'll be comfortable. You won't feel the pressure. Without pressure your work will turn out good and natural.

3. Know Your Weaknesses

Third is to know your weaknesses. It's like if you know that you're not good at a particular style. You might like it but it may not suit you. Or it's something you can't do. The style goes beyond your skills.

You need to know and find the thing that works and makes you more comfortable, without pressure. That's a good way to go, I think.

4. Your Work is a Reflection of You

Fourth, your value lies in your work. At the end of the day, as an artist, or a singer, or even a rapper, your work reflects who you are. It is your reflection. And it will stay. Work and performance are the best measurement of your capabilities. How good you are or how recognised you are.

5. Stay Humble

Fifth is to stay humble. That is to keep a unique Thai trait. A behaviour that is unique to our culture is being humble. It is good, you don't have to do everything that you see in other countries. Being humble goes well with being an artist.

Finally, I think what makes you valuable is to do things that you love and be happy. That is the most valuable thing you'd get. Do what you like and love doing it.

CI Talks Rap Verse (By 2P)

CI Talks. Being here, I'm like a young boss.
I've done what I thought, what I dreamed,
what I wanted to do.
Be inspired to do what your heart desires.
Let's do this.
When you do it, just do it BIG. CI Talks.







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