I believe the most important thing is to be passionate. When I wrote my Statement of Purpose to study for my MBA at Stanford, I said I wanted to study at Stanford to learn how entrepreneurship, innovation and technology could change my home country.

Krating Ruangroj Poonpol,
Group Chairman
Kasikorn Business-Technology Group (KBTG)

Hello. I'm Krating Ruangroj Poonpol, Chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG) and Founder of 500 TukTuks.

Ideology in Society

I was born in Kamphaeng Phet. My parents were both civil servants. My Father was a borderland developer. One thing I got from him is Ideology; doing impactful things for the society even if you have to make huge sacrifices.

I Set Myself a Goal

When I was in 6th grade, I had a teacher in Wat Khu Yang school who said that Science and Technology would change the world. I set my goal to be the best in Science and Technology, but how was I going to achieve that?

There was a Science Olympiad competition, so I set my alarm for 4am each day to study Science and Technology for 6 years. Eventually I won a gold medal in the National Physics Olympics and a bronze medal at the Science Olympics. I also got 3rd place in the Thailand Math Competition. This was a first for any Kamphaeng Phet student.

Surrounded by Smart People

When I was studying for my MBA (Master of Business Administration) at Stanford, there was a lecturer called Eric Schmidt. He was the CEO of Google. He taught a subject, 5 classes out of 15, in person, himself, the CEO of Google. That's the magic of studying at Stanford and other top universities in the world.

I want to tell you this; try to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. At Stanford for my MBA, I was the dumbest for 2 years. But looking back, I can tell you that it was the time when I learned the most.

Work Experience at Google

Afterwards, I applied for a job at Google. It was tough. I had to pass 9 interviews.

Eventually I was accepted by Google. I managed a product with over 1 billion downloads and it was the first product to capture the history of mankind. It was called “Google Earth”.

The Godfather of Thai Startups

I returned to Thailand in 2012. The whole startup thing was all new then. No one knew what startups were 10 years ago.

I founded a startup academy to start creating startup entrepreneurs. My academy taught Best Practice in building startups and the technical aspects of starting a Startup. After the students have been taught they have the knowledge and know-how.

Then they need practical experience. So I founded a startup incubator company. to invest in those startups, anywhere between 500,000 - 1.5 million Thai Baht as seed capital. We brought in mentors and coaches to help the new entrepreneurs grow and advance to the next step which is Series A funding.

After completing the incubation phase with 500,000 - 1.5 million Baht of seed capital, I heard the inevitable, "Krating, we've run out of funds". So I started a fund to invest in startups. As of today we now have three separate funds. These enable us to build things that are needed which don't yet exist.

The very important thing you need to know; build things that only you can create.

5 Keys to Success in Life

On CI Talks today, I will share my thoughts and ideals in life that have got me to this point.

Set a Vision for Your Life

The first and most important one. Always have a vision for your life. Having a vision in life is like having a compass which tells you in which direction you need to go.

Be the Master of Your Destiny

Second. Always dream big. Don't let anyone influence or determine your destiny no matter how great or successful they are. Don't be told what you can or cannot do but instead, be the one who controls your own destiny.

Never become a victim of someone who is trying to control the voice in your head and your heart’s desire.

Seek Opportunities and Challenges

Third, The Law of Collision (otherwise known as the Law of Action-Reaction).

I am always seeking new opportunities and running to them. I decide whether something represents an opportunity for me based on its Breakthrough or Break-out potential. I will only get involved in projects that I believe have a 50% chance, or less, of success. Why? Because if the chance of success is more than 50%, it’s more than likely old ground with little to nothing to learn.

When the chance of success is low, you'll learn and grow exponentially.

Do Everything with Passion

The fourth is passion.

Always do things with passion, the more passion, the better. You'll have days when you want to give up, but your passion will restore your energy and vitality.

When you want to quit, think back to your first day. My first day was when I wrote my Statement of Purpose whilst applying to study for my MBA at Stanford. I said I wanted to learn both at Stanford and Silicon Valley so that I could bring entrepreneurship, innovation and technology back to my home country. These words are the source of my passion.

Be Disciplined

The last one, You have got to be disciplined.

Passion without discipline is delusion. You may have the greatest and clearest vision and bottomless passion but if you don’t have discipline, no matter how great your vision is, it will remain nothing more than a dream until you inject discipline.

It's all about your discipline. What you do every day, every second, will determine how far you go in life. I hope that you have discipline in each day of your life so that you can genuinely become the very best version of yourself.

A World of Opportunities

The modern world in which we live Is a world full of opportunities.

I don't want you to compromise on your dreams. So dream big but also have discipline and have the heart to fight every day. Your life can go far further than you think.

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