Stories from Successful People

Everyone wants to achieve their dreams. Whether that's to be rich and famous, buy a house or a car, succeed in work, or be acknowledged by people for doing something you love. In reality, many struggle to achieve their goals because they deem change to be scary.

Let loose and find inspiration with CI Talks, a new platform and online society that shares stories from successful people and experts in various fields, including celebrities, pageant-winners, business owners, chefs and athletes.

They will be sharing their stories with inspiring talks to motivate others to reach their goals. These video interviews are available to watch for free, anytime and anywhere. Because at CI Talks, we believe that these inspiring videos will guide the next generation to think differently, change old perspectives and deal with challenges head-on.

Articles to Inspire and Change your Mind

Because experiences and ideas are best passed on first-hand, our inspirational speakers share their stories from their own experiences and personal knowledge. Their stories are told through high-quality media for everyone to enjoy.

Why CI Talks?

There's no denying that there are many creative media outlets that people can access nowadays for educational purposes. The special thing about CI Talks is that it is a global educational platform that includes leisure. Everyone has easy access to celebrities with no limitations. We hope that the inspiring talks from such celebrities will spark confidence in people who have dreams and are waiting for a sign to start embracing the opportunities in life.

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  • Making Sustainability Sexy ScriptMaking Sustainability Sexy Script
    Thai-Swedish beauty pageant titleholder Maria Poonlertlarp is on a mission to make sustainability sexy and is inviting you to join her. Discover how to live a sustainable life to the fullest by knowing what your passions are and be inspired to spark change.

    May 18, 2022

  • How I Started My Gaming Career ScriptHow I Started My Gaming Career Script
    Mickey Pongphop Rattanasangchod, known as The Smiling Assassin, had by the age of 14 already become a worldwide name in the gaming industry. In his story, you will find inspiration from a remarkable person whose professional gaming career began in a Bangkok internet cafe.

    Apr 23, 2022

  • Communication Skills for Team Players ScriptCommunication Skills for Team Players Script
    In Communication Skills for Team Players, Bon Jakobsen shows you how to use communication skills in order to be more effective on your team. She talks about some of the most important skills you'll need and give tips for how to use them in the workplace and in everyday life.

    Apr 09, 2022

  • Krating's Formula for Career Success ScriptKrating's Formula for Career Success Script
    The Chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG) and Founder of 500 TukTuks shares his simple “key to career success” formula with you: 1/2g(Y^3)X. Read Krating's Formula for Career Success and properly prepare yourself for the future of work and continuous disruption.

    Mar 30, 2022

  • Future-proof Yourself with New Skills ScriptFuture-proof Yourself with New Skills Script
    Read the "Future-proof Yourself with New Skills" transcript from Krating Poonol's CI Talk in the Future of Work web series. Find out how to develop lifelong employability from the Chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG) with 5 takehomes to help you improve yourself.

    Mar 26, 2022

  • A World of Opportunities ScriptA World of Opportunities Script
    In his CI Talk, the Chairman of Kasikorn Business Technology Group (KBTG) and Founder of 500 TukTuks takes us into his past to show us how he divines future business success. Read "A World of Opportunities" to get 5 tips from Krating Poonpol on how to become a successful person.

    Mar 23, 2022

  • Kick Start Your Career Success ScriptKick Start Your Career Success Script
    Read the script from how to Kick Start Your Career Success, a video talk presented by CI Talks Coach Anontawong Murakpitak, Head of People at LINE MAN Wongnai. Learn what qualities employers look for when recruiting and get tips to fast track your career success.

    Mar 16, 2022

  • Topp Jirayut on GameFi Crypto ScriptTopp Jirayut on GameFi Crypto Script
    Read the script from Topp Jirayut on GameFi Crypto to learn about how blockchain and cryptocurrency NFT (Non Fungible Token) is enabling "Play to Earn". Be ready for the transformational shift because it is bringing many digital economy and real world opportunities for success.

    Mar 06, 2022

  • Topp Jirayut on Cryptocurrency and NFT ScriptTopp Jirayut on Cryptocurrency and NFT Script
    Read the script from "Topp Jirayut on Cryptocurrency and NFT" and learn what "non fungible token" means. Using Michael Jackson's microphone as an NFT example, Topp explains how, with blockchain, it could be a unique digital asset, like digital art or paintings.

    Mar 05, 2022

  • How Blockchain Works and DeFi ScriptHow Blockchain Works and DeFi Script
    Read the How Blockchain Works and DeFi script from episode 4 of the Cryptocurrency Revolution video web series with Topp Jirayut (Bitkub) on CI Talks. Find out why decentralized finance and the Open Financial System is the future and what could be in it for you.

    Mar 02, 2022