CI Talks Introduces the First in a Series of Motivating Personal Growth Videos to Improve Self-awareness, Strengthen Identity, and Enhance Overall Quality of Life.

Bangkok, Thailand: CI Talks, a pioneering movement to ignite personal growth and inspire the younger generation, is on track to deliver curated content created by celebrities and experts in their field, with the launch of its first motivating and inspiring episode by Fahsai – Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin, Miss Universe Thailand 2019.

The online social enterprise platform ‘CI Talks’ which stands for “Catalytic Inspiration Talks” and its teaser was released at the beginning of February and has been tremendously received across a number of social media platforms and traditional media channels since its inception.

The first in a series of personal development videos launches on February 17, 2021, entitled Talk 1: “Fear of Failure”; the content has been developed from extensive research, combined with Fahsai’s own real-life experiences to create her first talk. The video strives to motivate and inspire the audience, in so doing helping viewers to overcome impediments to spiritual fulfillment and achieving their ultimate life goals. According to Fahsai in Talk 1, “from the research results, students today are always asking themselves, “Am I good enough?” If you are confronted with this sort of feeling and are so afraid of failure you are afraid to try or do your best, this episode is perfect for you and I suggest you follow the tips in Talk 1 on”

“I am very excited that our first video is going to be released to everyone. I hope the Talks will inspire as many people as possible to get through life’s difficulties and grow stronger together and be the best version of themselves”, states Co-founder and Coach of CI Talks International, Fahsai – Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin.

Fred Mouawad, Chairman & Co-founder of CI Talks International, commented “By launching CI Talks, we want to create an accessible global education platform that connects young people to charismatic coaches and leaders who can inspire them to reach their full potential. It’s a social enterprise that will equip viewers with frameworks that can catalyze their growth and maximize their contribution to society. Fahsai’s first videos are prime examples of what our audience can expect in the future,” says Fred Mouawad.

CI Talk Co., Ltd., was established as a catalyst of personal growth and new perspectives for the younger generation to counter the challenges brought about by the current environment. The enterprise aims to be a movement for positive change by inspiring young people to open their minds, take action and grow. CI Talks sets itself apart from other platforms that provide online courses by carefully selecting and inviting only the most renowned expert and celebrity coaches to share their real-life experiences and knowledge, complemented by high production values and entertaining content. Beyond following pre-recorded video classes online, viewers will also have the opportunity to attend online and offline workshops, as well as other in-person events where they can personally interact with the coach.

Moving forward, CI Talks is inviting an exciting and diverse line-up of celebrities and experts in Thailand to produce video Talks across a broad range of subjects that are relevant today. is evolving to become an online destination where viewers can be inspired by many famous people to take action and grow.

Talk 1: “Fear of Failure”, presented by Fahsai, can be viewed on after subscribing on the website for free here Also stay tuned for Talk 2: “Self Identity Crisis” coming up in the following week.

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