Know yourself. Know your strengths and your weaknesses, to increase teamwork efficiency.


Working as a Team Player Script

Believe it or not, if you ask someone to name the thing that makes them most uncomfortable at work, most will say it's not the work itself but the people; their bosses or their colleagues.

When we work as a team, there can be communication issues, conflicts of thought or style. But have you ever noticed that person in the workplace who is the popular superstar of the team, and adored by everyone? That person has certain skills. The good news is those skills can be learned.

Hello, I am Bon Prisa Jakobsen. Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Online Content Creator.

Most of my work helps people to better understand themselves by knowing their strengths and weaknesses. , including how to talk in public, to help make people become more confident in themselves. I am also an executive coach. This involves building confidence and helping executives reflect and achieve more clarity in leading their respective organizations.

Identify Your Skills

Some say those who can communicate well are born with this talent. It's God's gift. I beg to differ. Otherwise, there wouldn't be schools for communication or public speaking.

These skills can be learned. Some may be more lucky than others; their upbringing, their lives, and the environment force them to use their communication skills. That's why they are good at speaking because they have been using that skill. Some families don't really communicate or lack social circles, so they are not good at speaking. That said, skills are there to be developed. I believe in human potential to overcome anything.

Throughout my 10 years of work, training or coaching, what I see in a person who is widely accepted in the team is that they possess common skills. Let me call them the key skills that will make a person work smoothly in a team. We'll talk about those skills here on CI Talks.

Be the Ultimate Team Player at Work

Believe in Teamwork

First is to believe in teamwork. Why? Your beliefs are your thoughts. Thoughts lead to feelings and feelings lead to behaviors.

Let's say you prefer going solo, you perform when you do things by yourself. How will your behavior be? It's likely you don't communicate, avoid people and work alone. But when you believe teamwork is great and that it'll help you go far, It'll be reflected in your behavior. You will cooperate, talk, consult and will do anything to make the team run more smoothly. Therefore, believing that teamwork is better than working alone is very important.

Know Your Strengths

Second is to know your strengths. You need to know what talents you have. These talents need nurturing. Talents that you are born with may not have been realized or developed yet. It means that when you use those skills, you may still have a blind spot. There may be angles that you miss whilst using those skills. Some people are naturally drawn to responsibility. Their blind spot may be overwork and no family time. To overcome these blind spots, you need to understand your talents and transform them into strengths.

Understand your Strengths

Third is to understand your strengths. Many don't know their strengths or selling points. There are 3 ways to better understand yourself.

  • 1- Ask a friend
    First, find your strengths via friends and people around you because they see us in ways that we do not see ourselves. They can point out what you do well. For example, they may say you are good at taking care of people and offering advice. You see that your strength is helping others. You can also say that it's empathy; understanding the feelings of others.
  • 2- Review yourself
    Second is to review and question yourself. Has your skill led to 1) Achievement, 2) Happiness and 3) a desire to use the skill again. Many times I have told people that they need to search for their own strengths. Someone may say, "My strength is cooking.". Cooking is not a strength though. You need to focus on skills, not what you like to do.
  • 3- Take a Strengths Finder Test
    Third is to take a strengths-finder test. You'll discover your core strengths.
  • What Skills Do You Bring to the Team?

    Fourth is to realize how your strengths contribute to teamwork. When you know what your strengths are, let's say to immediately execute the tasks, you have a very efficient work ethic. This is what we call Activator.

    Once you know that you are that kind of person, you will need to look into your team and see how your attributes can contribute. When there's an additional or urgent project you will be able to persuade the team why you need to do this right now. Those who have the skills to do work quickly will also drive others to start working promptly. It's like being a motivator for others.

    Hence, understanding yourself is one thing. But to understand how your skills can add on to the team is how you become well loved by the team.

    Help Others When You Can

    Fifth is about help. Helping others when we can. Because when working as a team, everyone has their own duties.

    Let's say you are so overwhelmed with work when suddenly your colleague comes up and asks if you need help. How do you feel? Grateful, thankful and happy right? Even though they may not be able to help much, it's the thought that counts, isn't it?

    You can also be that person. Whenever you are done with your work, try walking up to your colleagues and see how your strengths can be of benefit to them. Once you have offered them help, they'll feel thankful and love you more.

    Teamwork is Important for Success

    I think, no matter what, teamwork will not disappear from this world. Even though the situations may require us to be separated, humans are naturally born with the "social brain". We think together, we improve on things together.

    According to studies, to solve a problem, working as a team will get a better solution than doing it alone. I feel that humans will always need each other.

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