Ticha Kanticha Chumma

Ticha Kanticha Chumma

Thai Actress, Model & Influencer

Find inspiration from Ticha Kanticha Chumma, a Thai model, actress & influencer who wants to talk about sex to spark change in Thai culture. Ticha (nickname) won The Face Thailand modeling competition in 2016 and has continued to carve a successful career in entertainment.


Ticha, whose full name is Kanticha Chumma, is a Thai model and actress who rose to fame after winning a national modeling competition called The Face Thailand in 2016.

Ticha was born on February 19, 1995 in Phuket, Thailand to what she describes as your average dysfunctional family. Her parents separated in her childhood and her mother (who Ticha is devoted to, describing her more as a “best friend”) remarried and Ticha duly moved to Sweden.

She attended school in Sweden before returning to Thailand at the age of 13 where she was enrolled briefly into Satree Phuket School. Soon after though, she retraced her footsteps back to Sweden where she completed her high school education, graduating with an International Baccalaureate. Back in Thailand she has also been admitted to the Bangkok School of Management, studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Ticha pinpoints two significant turning points in her life. The first was moving to Sweden where she could experience and immerse herself into an entirely new culture and hangout with new friends who had different perspectives to those in Thailand. She accredits her time in Sweden, and exposure to multiple cultures, for the broadmind and accumulated life experiences that she has today.

The second major turning point or milestone was winning The Face Thailand in 2016; one of her big successes in life. This win brought with it opportunities; a nationally recognized name which fuelled her social media presence, film work, being cast in soap operas (Lakorn), advertising jobs, emcee (MC) work and more.

Ticha is an avid TikTok content creator. She is passionate about dancing as, in her opinion, dancers make for passionate lovers. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing golf, tennis, badminton and volleyball.

Ticha describes herself as being successful despite not being an expert in anything. She has chosen to accumulate knowledge through work experience; every time she goes to work, she gains more know-how and the easier it becomes. As an MC, she has learned to feel the vibe of the audience and respond accordingly, for example. Her work also enables her to constantly meet more people, thereby expanding both her network and exposure.

Moving forward, Ticha is committed to making an impact within Thailand’s entertainment industry. Helping people, inspiring them and having an impact on them are the ingredients that motivate TIcha towards fulfilling her vision.

She has launched her own sex-ed and relationships YouTube channel with an objective to spark change by influencing Thais to speak openly and without embarrassment about sexual issues, a project that is about influencing a deeply rooted culture.