Kru Ngor Rossukon

Kru Ngor Rossukon

Acting Coach & Human Skills Developer

Kru Ngor, otherwise known as Rossukon Gonggate, is Thailand's foremost Acting Coach & an experienced human skills developer. Read her profile to find out more about her career and path to success in Film & TV, her drama academy and how this transformed into personal development.


Rossukon Gonggate or Kru Ngor is well-known as a top acting coach of Thailand who builds on her expertise and experience to also serve as a personal development coach. She is behind the success of many hit movies, TV dramas, TV series and TV shows to include My Girl, Pee Mak, Suck Seed, Fire of Desire, Forget Me Not, Hormones Season 2,3, Thailand Got Talent. The list goes on. No wonder so many super stars in Thailand such as Nadech Kugimiya, Yaya Urassaya, Mario Maurer, Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew, call her Kru meaning "Teacher" in Thai followed by her nickname "Ngor" that means rambutans.

Not only working behind the scenes, she takes up the microphone to as Presenter for several popular TV shows; namely, The Mask Singer, I Can See Your Voice, Diva Makeover and Super 10. She also takes to the stage as a speaker or teacher on the topic of acting and self-development for quite a number of institutes - be it educational institutes such as her alma mater Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University and The National Institute of Development Administration; or, be it world-class Thai companies like PTT Public Company Limited, Siam Cement Group and Singh Corporation.

Rossukon’s path to success starts from her true passion for acting in combination with the ability and commitment in continuing learning. At the Faculty of Mass Communication, where she obtained her bachelor degree, she never missed a chance to perform in a stage play organized annually by the faculty, while always seeking practical experience outside the faculty. After graduation, she followed her passion to be an acting coach for TV commercials and movies. A big hit movie “My girl” in 2003 is also one of her successes.

However, her passion for acting turned into a mission after she could not coach some actors in the movie “The Possible” to cry in line with the screenplay. To expand her knowledge and sharpen her skills, she flew to New York to attend training courses at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, Stella Adler Conservatory, HB Studio and with Michael Chekhov. After coming back to Thailand, Rossukon founded The Drama Academy in February, 2009. Her search for knowledge is never ending. She wants to keep improving herself and dive deeper into the origin of human acts and behaviors.

Her formal certificates and diplomas include a Certificate from True Acting Institute in Florida, Certificate on Hypnotherapy from National Guild of Hypnotists in New Hampshire, Certificate on Master Trainer of the Passion Test by Janet Bray Attwood, Certificate on Effective Organizational Communication from Harvard University and Certificate on Master Certified Life Coach by Thailand Coaching Academy. These are just some examples of her constant quests for deeper knowledge on acting and self-development. These studies show her true passion for acting, for helping others to find their own true passion and unlock hidden potentials for the sake of self-development.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE! If You Think You Cannot Do It, then You Will Never Be Able To Do It. When your inner power is awakened, you will be able to do what has seemed impossible to you. This is what Rossukon tells everybody including her students at the Drama Academy, which accommodates an increasing number of students who seek to become a better version of themselves. She believes that personal growth and self-development are skills that everybody can learn and she has been providing access to those skills over a long period of time to help people achieve the better version of themselves that they seek.